29 January, 2006

Long Run and Race Combo

I was determined to get to the BRRC meet this morning as I love racing there but I also need to get some K's under my belt for Canberra. I did a couple of laps of the 5K circuit before the race then did the 15K in 1:08:23. My legs felt a bit heavy at the start but I was able to settle in fairly well.

It was good to combine the long run with a race as the race put he pressure on me to push myself that bit harder.

Robert Song, Clairie and Karisma were all there to lend support as we head towards Canberra.

While I was running, Gavin Bell was heading in the opposite direction and I thought he said "Do youu have a camera?" I said "No". I then realised he actually said "Are you going to Canberra? Too late, he was long gone.

25 January, 2006

Heavy Going

It was heavy going on the 12K circuit today. It took me 1:02:56. I don't like it when it takes me more than an hour to run the 12k. I hope I can make the distance on the long run tomorrow.

24 January, 2006

Slack Eddie

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes. Even though my family were away I was still spoilt rotten. Two lovely friends, Sherilee and Megan, took me out to dinner. I felt very special dining in a lovely resteraunt with two gorgeous women (I did tell Robyn). Sunday night the family put on a birthday tea for me as well.

My Martathon training is a bit ordinary at the moment. I am still not clocking up enough K's. I had a good run on Sunday....only 21k's though. Another good run this morning......12k's in 58:07.
Thursday being a public holiday, I meeting some buddies at Park Road and heading out for another long one so that should help knock up the week's tally a bit.

19 January, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

54 today and feeling good. I haven't been running as much as I should but running well when I do. I did 20k from Park Road on Sunday and enjoyed it. I did 12k on Tuesday and this morning.

My family arrive back from Tassie tomorrow. I am looking forward to meeting them at the Airport. i will be interested to hear about their adventures on Maria Island.

06 January, 2006

Home Alone

It was another though one yesterday, but I survived.

No run this morning as I had to deliver my wife, daughter and grandchildren to the airport. They are off to Tasmania for 2 weeks. During their time there they are spending 5 days on Maria Island which is off the South East coast of Tassie. Facilities are very basic on the Island which was a convict settlement about 150 years ago. They will stay in a cabin, fitted out with bunks and a wood fired stove. There is no electricity. Fun! What was Robyn thinking when she accepted her sister's invitation to join her on this adventure???

I will stick to running.

04 January, 2006


I thought that after a night of storms it would be good running this morning. Wrong!!!

It was really tough running. I was working hard to finish my 12K in 1Hr. Talk about sweat. I was leaving puddles all over the place after running.

02 January, 2006

This year is flying by

Whow! It's the 2nd of January already! Where does the time go?

Met some running buddies at Park Road this morning. It was a beautiful morning like yeaterday. I did 15K and really enjoyed it. We headed along the river, through the City Gardens, over the Story Bridge, through Dockside, along Kangaroo Point, through Southbank, over Victoria Bridge and back along the River to Park Road and a Strong Flat White. Idylic.

01 January, 2006

BRRC No Watches 10K

I ran at West End with the Brisbane Road Runners this morning. We had a good turn out for New Years Day. 10K no watches...we estimate and record our time for 10K then run it without a waths or time clock. My estimate was 43:20. I came in at 43:50. The winners are the Male and Female whose actual is closeset to their estimate. The male winner got the exact time.

I was pleased with my run. It went well for this time of year.