30 July, 2006

Park 2 Park

What a fantastic morning it was this morning. The Park 2 Park half Marathon in Ipswich got under way just after 6:30AM with the temperature at a cool 3 degrees. There was good field for this, only the second of these events. We ran an initial 1.1K and then set out on 4 laps of a very hilly course. The weather provided ideal running conditions. There were water tables every K manned by very enthusastic volunteers..mostly school children as there is a competition for the best water stop.

I tried to maintain a relaxed attitude during the race but that didn't make the hills any easier. Intraining did a splendid job in organising the event. The 10K an 5K races were very well supported.

I finished in about the same time as last year, 1:38.

I will attempt to support this event every year. The event is promoted by the Ipswich Hospital Foundation which has a vision of making Ipswich the healthiest city in Austrlia.

23 July, 2006

Jetty to Jetty

I did the Jetty to Jetty 10K at Redcliffe this morning. It was freezing while waiting for the start. The breeze coming of Moreton Bay was quite chilly. The course is an out and back and goes from the Woody Point jetty to the Redcliffe jetty and back. It really enjoyed the race and managed 41:31 with which I was very happy.

I met Iron Pete and got a big cheer from RITH. Glenno beat me to the line by 1 second.

16 July, 2006

An Award

I spent Thursday and Friday last week at a very intense planning workshop. Each of the participants, 12 in all, had to give a presentation. My contribution was very short but apparently had some impact as our Group manager awarded for me the "best presentation" . I work with a bunch of young high achievers and sometimes feel quite out of my league so my award means a great deal to me.

Today was much warmer than last Sunday and I enjoyed my 16K run immensely.

12 July, 2006

Running Cold

On Sunday morning a group of us ran from a mates place at Tamborine Village. It was the coldest I have ever been while running. I wasn't dressed for the cold and didn't expect it to be so cold. It was freezing and no amount of running was going to warm me. My hands were numb, my ears were frozen, my legs were stiff. It was not a pleasant experience. We had a really good barby afterwards but I still couldn't get warm.

This morning I ran from home and even managed to work up a sweat.

Tomorrow I am off to Kingscliff, just south of Tweed Heads, for two days for a planning workshop with my work colleagues. Should be a good couple of days.

03 July, 2006

Gold Coast Marathon

My 7th Marathon, the 3rd Gold Coast, but no PB this time. After a rare burst of confidence and a genuine belief that I was I the verge of a new PB I set off to the Gold coast at 4:30 on sunday morning in great anticipation.

There was a wonderful atmosphere and the start couldn't come quick enough. I headed for the start with Lizzle and was glad it felt much warmer being sheltered from the cold breeze in the crowd waiting for the gun. A tap on the shoulder had me turn and find Robert Song standing there. I was really pleased that he was able to make it. He has been so focused on this race and to face the possibility of being sidelined by injury must been very disheartening.

The gun went off an off we went. I was determined just to run my own race and not be influenced by pacers or other runners. I did weaken for a short while, when I was mesmerised by a gorgeous young lady in little red shorts but I couldn't keep up with her.

I reached the half a minute under my planned time of 1:38 and was still slightly under when I hit 32K. At that stage I started experinceing some pain in the groin which slowed me a bit. I did, however, manage to run through this but by the 35 or 36K marks I was really tiring. My legs were getting heavier and less responsive. By 39K it was becoming a real mental challenge to keep going. I was getting very slow and even walked a few pces now and again.

The finish shute at the Gold Coast is torture. It seems to go on forever. Is was good to be in it at last though, and make it to the finish line. This I did in 3:23.

My three Gold Coast marathons have been my toughest. So far the Coast has not been kind to me but I love being part of it. I can't imagine not being there.

Cheers from the CoolRunning Cheer Squad and from Tesso and other CR's like Little K and Iliketoast along the way gave me a big boost.

Hugs from Clairie and Tesso after the race made it all worthwhile.

When I rang Robyn after the race I asked her to pop down to the local Chemist and hire a wheelchair for me. She laughed and thought I was joking.