27 August, 2006

14K Champs

It was a great run a the Brisbane Road Runners 14K Champs this morning. The weather was glorious......it had to be 'cause it is Clairie's birthday!

Though I enjoyed the run, I felt like I was pushing myself to the limit. I really think I gave it everything this morning, without killing myself that is. I finished in 1:01:33 and came third in my category behind Ron Peters and James Keightly. Ron came third overall so that is tough competition.

Next year I move up a category (or is it down) and Ron still has a couple of years till he turns 55. So there may be a window of opportunity for me to win my category at some stage.

22 August, 2006

4th Place

Like Tesso, I came 4th in my category in the Noosa Half. I pleasantly surprised to discover that when checking the Half Marathon results.

What a brilliant event it was. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere magic and the people were happy and friendly. A bit like Canberra really, but not cold.

My plan was to get home between 1:30 and 1:35. I made it in 1:32:52. Considering my reduced training since the Gold Coast Marathon, I am very happy with that.

I enjoyed the whole run. Clairie kept the pressure on for the first few K then a mate from the Brisbane Road Runners caught up with me and, having run in the Ipswich Half with him in July, I new that he could keep up a pretty good pace which would sustain me through the middle section of the race. I knew that a point would come where I would be over the hump and would be able to pull away. This I did at about 16K. I felt good and was able to pick off a few that had passed me earlier.

My recovery has been good and my knee is holding up well. I have been sticking to a strict diet of Blackmore's Joint Formula.

16 August, 2006

A little too far

I met up with a couple of Buddies at Chelmer this morning and were undecided as to where or how far we would run until 2 seconds before we took the first steps. I it had in mind not to do more than 18K's as I am running the Noosa Half on Sunday. I also had limited time. We set out to do a loop from Chelmer through Tennyson, Fairfield, Dutton Park, Highgate Hill, South Brisbane, over the Gray Street bridge, along the bike path to Toowong, through St Lucia and Indooroopilly, over the Indooroopilly bridge and back to the start.

This turned out to be 22 K's and took 1:56. I think I will take it easy between now and Sunday. I can't say that I have trained for Noosa so my expectations aren't high, though I hope to get in under 1:35. If I am ever to crack the 1:30 the I am going to have to train specifically for that and Noosa is ceratinly a good race to do it.

14 August, 2006

Getting there

After missing out on my run yesterday morning due to marshalling duties at West End for the club I went for a run from home yesterday afternoon. I did 12k in 58 mins and was just about floored by the heat. I thought it was supposed to be winter. I was quite surprised.

I have been suffering some, errr make that a lot of, pain in my knees over recent months. Today, though, I think it is easing. I have been running through it. After I warm up it not too bad, but I suffer for it afterwards. This has really been nagging at me and I have been fearing that my running days might be limited. Noosa is still very much on the agenda though.

13 August, 2006


Yep! I came 409th in the Bridge to brisbane 12 K fun run last Sunday. I happy with that place out the umteen thousand who ran/walked it. It appears that my chip time was 51:17. I am happy with that.

The Sunday Mail race report today is a collectors item. There is a great colour photo of Clairie and Tesso.

Next Sunday is the Noosa Half.

07 August, 2006

Bridge 2 Brisbane

I was determined not to repeat the mistakes of last year...running late forgetting chip etc. This year I was in the carpark at 5:00AM and on the first shuttle bus to the start line. This year the chips were the good old shoelace type, so was able to thread it in on Saturday night...no chance of forgetting it. I think I would know if I wasn't wearing my shoes when I left home.

The morning was no where near as cold as previous years. What a blessing. I was one of the first at the start line. While I was standing there waiting and chatting, Clairie and Tesso came up behind me an yelled a greeting. I got such a fright I neally took off up the bridge even before the Wheelies started.

I killed myself running up the bridge and was very glad to get to the top. The run down the other side is great. The rest of the course is quite flat. I was feeling a bit tense in the middle section of the race and seemed to be suffering a fair bit of pain in my gut. However, I knew that if I kept going it would ease and I would be able to relax. I was right, and was able to enjoy the last 4 K's to finish in 51:30 (av 4:18per K).

It was good to catch up with Robert Song and Peterhorse plus Clairie and Tesso after the race. All seemed pleased with their efforts including Mr Clairie and Master Clairie who both finished in 58mins - well done.

I hope Robert Song isn't paying for running hard with a sore leg.

05 August, 2006

Ready for the B2B

Though I haven't done a great deal of training I feel ready for the Bridge to Brisbane tomorrow. I am looking forward to the run but standing in the cold waiting for the start doesn't turn me on.

I hope to see a lot of my running buddies out there tomorrow. All the best everyone.