25 February, 2007

A Ton of Fun

I don't recall having hit the Ton in a week before. Actually I got to 108K due to the back to front week end. Yesterday running buddy, Tegwen, and I set out from her place at Chelmer and followed exactly the same route as last Saturday. I was hoping for an improvement in time but only managed to cut 4 minutes which brought us home in 2:50. A 5:00 min per K average. I was well and truly spent and took a few hours to feel sort of normal again.

This morning I went along to Park Road at 5:30 to meet the usual crowd that run from there. The program only called for 8K (what should have been Saturday's run) but I ended up doing 16K at a nice recovery pace. Hence the 108K for the week.

This week Susan's program has scheduled an easy week, so back down to about 60K for the week. Then over the next three we build to a 100K in the third and the following three weeks we taper to the big race.

22 February, 2007


I have to say that this morning was a bit of a struggle. After doing 20K yesterday in1:40 this morning's 13K including 4 x 1 min and 2 x 2 min hill reps was not easy. Anyone seeing me doing my 2 min hills would not think that I was digging deep. I think I was on the verge of rolling back down the hill on the last one.

Another back to front weekend this weekend. My running buddy, Tegwen, has committments on Sunday so again we will be doing the long run on Saturday. The program says 34 and we know a route that will give us exactly that thanks to my miscalcualtion last Saturday. Then a nice short run on Sunday and I will hit the 100K for the week.

20 February, 2007

75Ks to go & 36Years to celebrate

Well that is 25K completed out of the scheduled 100 for the week. Yesterday was 12K easy. I love that run. Today was 13K including 3 x 7 min Tempo with 3 min jog between. I managed to average 4:17 per K for the Tempo runs. I found the 3rd set very tough. The undulations don't help. After the last set I was struggling to jog. I averaged 4:58 for the full 13K.

Tomorrow is 20K. I'll have to get an early night tonight and set the alarm for an earlier start.

Today is Robyn and my wedding aniversary. We were marrried in 1971. So that is 36 years. Robyn said to me this morning "How about another 36?". She didn't have to ask.

18 February, 2007

A Slight Deviation

This morning I had a social outing with some friends. I did a 3 k run as part a team effort in the short Triathlon at Bribie Island. I also did a 4k easy run prior to the event to loosen up after having run 34K on Saturday.

Our team came 6th out of 8 teams in our category. However, even though I was a bit slow at 13:15 for the 3k, I was 1st in our category for the run and 3rd out of the 24 teams over all categories.

Yesterday the program called for 32K but due to a miscalculation on my part we ended up doing 34. This we did at an average pace of 5:05. The weather wasn't too bad but still quite humid. Though I kept the fluids and gels up I was still very thirsty when we finished.

I was surprised to be be able to run at all this morning. The fact that I could is, I feel sure, due to Susan's excellent training program (or I didn't work hard enough yesterday).

I finished the week, today, with a total of 95K. Next week......100K!!!!!

14 February, 2007

Life on the Run

After the long run on Sunday, I enjoyed the 12K easy on Monday. However, during the run I realised my right calf was very tight and would need some nursing. It was just at that point where you know the wrong move or sudden exertion could do some damage. On Tuesday, Susan's progam called for an Anaerobic Threshold session and I knew I would have to have a strategy to deal with this. The session called for 12k including 4 x4 min @ AT with 2 min slow jog recovery between.

I decided to take the long way down to the local sporting field and use the grass running track for the AT session then take the short way home. This worked out really well. the run down was a little over 5K. The AT session on the track wasn't really run at the required pace as I was still very conscious of the tight calf. Never-the-less after 5K on the track I ceratinly felt like I had a good workout. Then it was 2 K home.

This morning's 18K was done with the tight calf still to the forefront of my mind. I ended up averaging 5:10 K's which was exactly the same as the 18 k two weeks ago. So that wasn't too bad. I am pleased to say that after a good stretching session following this morning's run, the calf feels much better. Bring on the Tempo + Hills tomorrow........what am I saying!

11 February, 2007

A hard day at the Office

Susan's program called for 28K today so running buddy Tegwen and I decided to set out from Park Road at 5:00 AM and run a circuit we run once before in November last Year. This took us out along the hilly Western Freeway bike path (naughty us) to Seventeen Mile Rocks, out through Oxley, back along Oxley Road to Chelmer, through Indooroopilly, St Lucia to Toowong, along the river to Milton and Park Road.

Last time we did this 27.7K circuit it took us 2:25. Today we did it in 2:18. Something must be working.

That brings another solid week to a close with 85K under the belt. Tomorrow is 12K easy...I look forward to that.

09 February, 2007

Hanging in there

Well I don't know whetheror not I am doing Susan's program justice but I am sticking with it. the Easy week seems way behind me now with the K's for this week set to hit 85 after the 28 on Sunday. I found this week s Tempo run hard going and the fartleks a challenge, but always in the back of my mind I keep wondering if I am really working hard enough. At the end of the day the race result will tell. On the other hand I want to keep on enjoying running, so I don't want the training to kill that joy. I hope I have the balance right.

Ahhh! the burdens we bear.

05 February, 2007

Cranking up again

After the nice easy week it is time to crank up the training again. I clocked up 60 K's last week finishing with 21 in 1:39 on Sunday.

Up until today Susan's program has called for an easy 8 on Monday but from today that has increased to 12. Tomorrow is an 11 K including Tempo..2 x 7 min with 3 min jog between. The tempo to be run at 10 seconds less than my 10K race pace. Susan says that the tempo is to be "hard work". I hope I can do it justice. I estimate my Tempo run will have to be run at about 4:22 pace. I better set my Garmin pacer to keep me honest.

01 February, 2007

Easy Week

Susan has given us an easy week this week. Monday - rest, Tueasday - 10 klm easy - I did this in 59:19, Wednesday - 12 klm - 58:18 for me, Thursday - 10 klm including fartleks - 48:28 for me. Tomorrow is rest, Saturday - 5 klm and Sunday 20 klm. Total 57 k for the week.

The lull before the storm. Next week is 85 k, then 94 k and the week beginning 19th Feb will be 100k. Phew! I am exhausted just thinking about it.