27 September, 2009

Spring has Sprung

What incredibly crazy weather we have been experiencing. Heat, dust storms and gusting winds seem to be heralding a scarily hot summer. I went to bed last night during another dust storm laden with tonnes of dust from central Australia (the storm not my bed), this much milder than that on Wednesday with its choking, blinding dust, thinking that I would it would prevent me from doing Sunday long run. However, on waking at 4.30 this morning it appeared that the dust had moved on (to the Town of 1770 perhaps). I set off to Park Road to head off on my run by myself as Tigger is holidaying with Mr. Tigger and the young Tiggers.

By the time I started at 5.23 it was fairly light with the sun not yet visible on the horizon. A lovely cool southeasterly was blowing in form the coast. It was an absolutely beautiful morning for running and I felt better than I have since the Gold Coast Marathon in early July. I headed along the Brisbane River to Newstead, the mouth of Breakfast Creek in fact, and enjoyed every step of the 14 kilometers. Truly Spring has sprung. I felt compelled to greet everybody along the way with a cheery "good morning", tough not all seemed to share my sentiments.

As I headed back I hoped for a repeat of the enjoyment I experienced on the outward trip. I was not disappointed. In fact my running improved and I enjoyed it more. This was supported by the fact that my average pace continued to improve and ended up at 5.08 per K, the 28 K run having taken 2:23:33.

My total for the week was 63 K. My highest for many weeks.

02 September, 2009

Still taking it easy

I have been miserable with a rotten head cold so haven't been doing much. Even the 14 k with tigger on Sunday was a bit of a struggle. I'm starting to feel a bit better.

I have entered the 30k at Glasshouse on Sept 13. Tigger starts her 100K there the day before.