28 January, 2009

Canberra Marathon Training

Though I am feeling much better and my legs aren't objecting so much to running I am not all that pleased with my progress thus far.

On Sunday I had plans to do around 34K. Tigger and I had agreed a new route and we were looking forward to giving it a go. However, Tigger called in sick so Craig and I set out with Craig intending to do only 21K. We headed from Park Road via Gregory Tce to the Royal Brisbane Hospital then onto Newstead and back along the River. I left Craig as we were running through New Farm. The humidity was absolutely horrendous and already I was having thoughts of cutting my run short. I ran along the floating walkway an onto the Story Bridge then round through Dockside, back under the bridge and along Kangaroo Point. I was feeling pretty awful by this stage and the plan was to run through South Bank, West End via Riverside Drive and round to the Green Bridge at UQ and back to Park Road. As I was running through South Bank I thought "this is madness" and headed across the Victoria Bridge and along the River to Park Road, passing Craig along the way. I was relieved to get back but had only run 24K. A tad short of the original goal.

On Monday, Australia Day, a group met at Tigger's place and we ran 14K. I was surprised at how well I had pulled up from Sunday's run. Back at Tigger's place we had a sumptuous barbecue breakfast complete with Mr Tigger's coffees.

I have been running a bit too slow for my liking and am hoping to improve on this over the next few weeks. I do feel as if my legs are getting stronger and am ready to start some speed work. It is now a matter of disciplining myself to do it.

15 January, 2009

Hope at last

At last I am starting to feel as my legs are willing to run again. Up until now I have felt as I have to will every step. On sunday I did 28K at an average pace of 5:11 per K and on Tuesday I did 7K at 4:57 pace. I can tell you, I was very happy. I am glad to be getting my running legs back as Tigger will be back on Sunday and I might stand a chance of keeping up with her.

I still haven't settled in to any sort of training regime. I had better do so as the Canberra marathon is getting closer. This will be my 5th Canberra Marathon. As usual I am really looking forward to it. I have booked my flight and my room at the Telopea Inn. I love this marathon becasue of the friendly atmosphere and the course. It has enough undulation to suit my needs. I find I do better on an undulating course than I do on a flat course like the Gold Coast.