13 October, 2009

Time to do some training

I think it is time to get down to some serious training. On the 24th and 25th of this month I have the Lamington Classic and on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of November I have the Endeavour 500 Summer Relay.

The Lamington Classic is run in sub-tropical rain forest betwenn Binnaburra and O'Reilly's on the Lamington Plateau which is west of the Gold Coast and very close to the Queensland / New South Wales border. We run 21k out on Saturday and return on Sunday, staying overnight in a bunkhouse. The event is celebrating its 40th anniversary and is the oldest trail run event in Australia. The field limit is 75, a special concession this year. It is usually limited to 50 runners.

The 500K relay is a fund raising event for the Endeavour foundation. I think this will be my 5th. I missed last year because I was overseas. The event is run over three days and this year will have about 17 teams of about 18 runners each. It is very enjoyable but very tough. I usually finish the weekend feeling absolutely stuffed.