10 January, 2010

London Countdown 15weeks

15 weeks out from the London Marathon.

Last week I ran a total of 71Ks. My highest for many months. My average pace for the week was 5:12 per K. I am very happy with that.

Today I ran 24K at an average pace of 4:57. I started ran from Park Road at 5:00AM and headed along the Brisbane River for 12K and back along the same route. It was getting quite hot towards he end.

My running buddy Tigger was off playing Hares and Hounds at Glasshouse. Her training for Cradle Mt. seems to be going well.


Ewen said...

If you were running with Tigger, wouldn't have been such a flat course ;)

Good pace. I'd be in the river after 5k at that pace!

Tigger said...

Eddie the man
Is sticking to HIS plan!
When told of some new hills
Down which, Tigger took some spills
Eddie was quick to say

Now Ewn be fair
As to Tigger's despair
At a very hard run
In the BLAZING Qld sun.

In the end, she (& 15 others) got lost
Her Team's first place she did cost
Where was Eddie the Man?
The Leader with the plan.

Off enjoying a coffee
That was Tigger free
Having done a quick run
That was flat and fun!

Luckylegs said...

Wonderful to know you're running the Londond Marathon, Eddie...not much longer to wait!

Robert Song said...

Happy Birthday Rob.

Glad to hear your training is going well.

Hope the weather in London has warmed up sonme by the time of the marathon.