18 April, 2010

Vienna Half Marathon

I have finished the Vienna half marathon. What a great event. The organisation is fantastic. There was a total of 33,000 competitors for both the half and full. The full also included a relay. The half and full runners ran together until about the final few hundred metres of the half.

Due to running the London Marathon next Sunday and the fact that I have been ill for a couple of days I did not run a very good time. 1:51 is is my slowest half time. The course and my times can be viewed via the link below.

Whilst running we saw a Jumbo jet fly over. That gave us some hope of getting to London which are due to do on Wednesday.

Vienna is certainly a beautiful city. The only drawback is the lack of non-smoking regulations. It makes dining out very unpleasant.

Vienna Half Marathon by robdrichards at Garmin Connect - Details


Tigger said...

Eddie don't worry about your time
You want to be in your prime
For that London run
Probably minus the sun!

However there is the issue of a flight
Which may not leave until the night
Before the London run
Still minus the sun!

Superflake said...

At least the course was beautiful if the time wasn't. Good luck in London Rob.

Ewen said...

To make the London run
Rob resorts to the thumb
No flights, so hitches a ride
All the way to the other side
Of Europe he's trying to get
A marathon he'll be there yet
He wants to give it a bash
And wants no more volcanic ash!

Tigger said...

From Eddie I have heard
So spread the word
With boarding pass he was London bound
By now his feet should be on UK ground!

In theory he's up for his run
No mention of any sun
But when it came to smoke
Of this he spoke!

It has nothing to do with an eruption
Eddie will have to use his gumption
For if he doesn't get a smoke free meal
Even we in Aussie will hear him squeal!

Tigger said...

The word is Eddie did survive
Going through in 3.35!
I assume a "tough run"
Equates to "loads of fun".

As usual on must say, Rob
That you were up for the job!
Now it is time to move on
So why don't you come along

To the GlassHouse Mt run
There is sure to be sun
Not the 80 but the 50k
What do you say?

Tigger said...

Rob, if the run was "tough" then why are you smiling so much in the photo?

Tigger said...
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