18 April, 2010

Vienna Half Marathon

I have finished the Vienna half marathon. What a great event. The organisation is fantastic. There was a total of 33,000 competitors for both the half and full. The full also included a relay. The half and full runners ran together until about the final few hundred metres of the half.

Due to running the London Marathon next Sunday and the fact that I have been ill for a couple of days I did not run a very good time. 1:51 is is my slowest half time. The course and my times can be viewed via the link below.

Whilst running we saw a Jumbo jet fly over. That gave us some hope of getting to London which are due to do on Wednesday.

Vienna is certainly a beautiful city. The only drawback is the lack of non-smoking regulations. It makes dining out very unpleasant.

Vienna Half Marathon by robdrichards at Garmin Connect - Details