18 November, 2007

Less Than week to the 500K Relay

Next weekend is the 500K Summer Challenge. This will be my 5th 500K Relay. It's such a fantastic weekend. This year the course has changed a lot due to problems getting Police permits to run on main roads. We set out on Friday morning from Helensvale again this year but instead of finishing in Ipswich we are finishing in Gatton.

This morning Tegwen and I did 17k at 5:00 min pace. I really enjoyed the run today and finished feeling quite good. I would like to be able to report that I have been clocking up the sort of K's that Robert Song has but not so.

04 November, 2007

Two Times Over

Tegwen, my running buddy, was celebrating her birthday today and decided to do that by running from Park Road to Mt Cootha, completing two laaps and back to Park Road. We ran with Tony, a guy Tegwen does speed work with, who is competing in a Triple Triathlon in Canberra in a couple of weeks. He is one of a three man team and is doing the running. Needless to say, he beat us to the top on both laps.

We did 27K's all up but it did take us 2:33 which was a tad on the slow side but I, for one, could not have run Mt Cootha any faster. I was totally stuffed.

Last Wednesday evening I competed in my 7th Cool Night Classic. This marked the 6th aniversary of my first ever fun run. This year's Cool Night Classic was incresed in length from 5.13K's to 5.75K's. I finished in 24:24. Under 25 minutes as I had hoped. I did the 5.13 last year in 21:55 so I have slowed a bit.