09 December, 2008

Tigger's Tale

Tigger's take on our Sunday run:

On a humid Sunday morn
In the heat after the storm
SOME of the suspects did meet
Feeling heavy of feet.

When COD did not show
We decided to go
In theory, Eddie the man
Was the leader with the plan!

With just the odd hill
And a lot of strong will
Eddie seemed to set a pace
Usually reserved for a race.

Surely it wasn't the heat
That was making our hearts beat
It had to be Eddie the Man
The leader with the plan?

Eventually we came to a stop
As we didn't have a plot
There was no retort
At the suggestion we go short.

After an hour and a half
We were back at the start
Having heard more Eddie tales
And when all else fails ...Go for COFFEE


Tesso said...

Rupert McCall has nothing to worry about ;)

Ewen said...

I'll have a muggacino with two sugars :)

Great suggestion to go short Tigger!