26 December, 2008

What an incredible year.

What an incredible year it has been. My big adventure in the US came and went and I ran 5 marathons all up, a record for me. My marathon times covered the extremes of my marathon career: April; Canberra 3:15:38 (PB in 2007 3:14:55), July; Gold Coast 3:21, October; Chicago 4:38 (all time PW), October; Niagara Falls 3:56, November; New York 3:49.

I have loved the amazing experiences that running has bought into my life. What makes the experiences so special are the people. Runners are the best! Thank you everyone for allowing me to share my 2008 with you.

Happy New Year to you all.


ps; I have booked my flights for Canberra 2009.


Superflake said...

A great year Rob. 211 klms in Marathons. See you at Canberra.

iliketoast said...

I expect to be on that bus (Canberra). This time it's my turn to finish ahead. Well done on the big 5. I think your US trip was the way to do it. I am a chance of Chicago next year and hope to be able to beat your Chicago PB. I think it always a better run when you are out there to share it with. Best wishes for 2009.

Scott Brown said...

Let's see what we can do about making 2009 better or at least as good Rob.

Even though Canberra falls on an impossible date for me I'm keen to do it sooner or later if only for that reason.

I have a new definition of success since getting into this sport that is: Success for me can be defined as the ability to run in any race, when I feel like it and wherever it is held in the world.

Ewen said...

You've had a great year Rob. Doing them the way you did makes marathons sound fun - almost ;)

I hope Tigger can whip you into shape for Canberra - I'd love to be cheering on you and toasty running up the finish straight to a 3:13.

IHateToast said...

happy 2009, sir wobbut the wunna.