27 July, 2009


Another beautiful morning at Limestone Park in Ipswich, and the 5th annual Par2Park half marathon was, again, a great event. It is incredibly well organised and a credit to the Ipswich Hospital Foundation. The course is a tough one, no doubt about it, but still no excuse for my worst time on that course. No, my 1:45:01 is totally down to lack of preparation.

1st and 2nd places went to Patrick Nyangolo and Oswald Revilian Kahurzi in 1:08:49 and 1:08:50. Patrick has won C2S 3 times and Oswald has won the GC and Sydney marathons. The course is a 1.1k then 4 x 5k hilly laps. These guys lapped me in my second lap, their third, at about the 9k mark. Absolutely amazing running! The guy who cam third, Hintsa Mabrahtu, didn’t lap me until about my 11.5k. Hintsa finished in 1:13:48.

Tigger, who is training for the 100K at Glasshouse in September, ran 1:48:43, this after her training run in Toohey Forest on Saturday.

20 July, 2009

Back at last!

I have to say that I enjoyed the GC. My 3:19:44 was a course PB which pleased me greatly. The day was absolutely perfect. I didn't mind running down to Burleigh and have less distance to north of the start/finish. I think it made the course a whole lot better. My pace slowed a bit in the last 10K but I had a real adrenalin rush in the very long finish chute an sprinted (relatively speaking) to the finish line. The race was fairly uneventful and I didn't have any real issues. It is amazing what experience can teach. Things which would have concerned me in my early marathons are now things I can think through, put into the perspective of the whole race, and deal with. I think now I can face future GC's with a much more positive attitude.

Last Sunday, with my friends, Darryl and Michelle (my OS travelling buddies), i ran the Railtrail Fun Run an 8.3K run which follows the path of the now dismantled rail line between Fernvale and Lowood which are two small towns in the Lockyer Valley west of Ipswich. They had a record crow of over 700. It was well organised and very enjoyable.

Yesterday I met Tigger at 5:00AM at Park Road and we set off through Herston and Bardon and then over My Coot-tha, and extremely hilly course. Tigger is training for the Glasshouse 100k in September. As we came round the Mt Coot-tha lookout, ready to set off downhill and home, Tigger decided that she would run the reverse course back around the mountain (big hill really) before heading home. I just said " see you back at Park Road.” It was a really good workout and just what I needed to prepare for the Park 2 Park Half in Ipswich next Sunday.