16 November, 2009

The start of a tough Summer

My Mum is home again after a week in hospital undergoing all sorts of tests which did not show up any problems. She is frustrated with her total lack of energy but says that if there is nothing wrong with her then she just has to get on with life. Quite a statement from an 87 year old.

My running has been going OK over the past couple of weeks. On Sunday 8th I tackled a 28k from Park Road. My buddie Tigger was not able to run because one to the Tigger cubs was very ill in hospital and the other was very ill at home.

Thursday 12th was the Cool Night Classic, a 5.2K race in Brisbane City. I did my first CNC in 2001. That was my first ever race and the start for my running life. On Thursday I finished the 5.2 in 22m18s and came third out of 35 in the M55-59 category. I was pleased with that.

On Sunday 15th Tigger and I set out from Park Road at 5AM. Tigger has been successful in gaining entry to the Cradle Mountain 82k Ultra in Tasmania in February 2010. Yesterday was the first day with the mandatory back pack so time had to be taken to get the pack adjusted properly. this is really important and running with a pack is a vital part of Tigger's training. I anticipate some tough long runs during summer which hopefully will see Tigger ready for Cradle Mountain and me ready for a good London Marathon.

03 November, 2009

Australia's Favourite Soccer Mum

My best mate Darryl has a wonderful Mum. She is a finalist, one of six, in a competition to be voted Australia's Favourite Soccer Mum. Merle is a very special lady. You can take my word for it; Merle deserves that title. You can go on line and vote for her (as many times as you like). Just click on Merles picture for the link to register your vote(s).

02 November, 2009

Catching up.

Wow! It is over a week since I ran the Lamington Classic. What a great weekend it was. What a tough race. I have absolutely convinced myself that I am no trail runner. The idea is very appealing but the experience is is something else altogether. I found that return trip from Binna Burra to O'Rielly's on Sunday much easier than the the Saturday run because I new the trail and was able to pace myself. However, I was only 4 minutes quicker on Sunday. My total time for the weekend was 4h 51m and seemed to me to be incredibly slow. Give me the bitumen or a concrete path any day. Even as we were driving home down the mountain I saw a concrete path my immediate reaction was to wish I could get out of the car and run on it.

I missed my long run on Sunday. Robyn and I drove up to Bundaberg to visit my 87 year old Mum who was admitted to hospital on Saturday. The doctors are still doing tests to find out what is causing her stomach and back pains and fatigue. I think she is just wearing out.