18 October, 2005

A Good Recovery

Today I went out on my 7.65k circuit and finished it in 36:18. I was very happy with that considering I ran the Toowoomba Marathon on Sunday. I am very pleased with my recovery. When I think back to my recovery from the Gold Coast and how I struggled to get going again. it was getting on for 6 weeks before I felt i could enjoy a run.

Toowoomba was never really in me diary and so I hadn't done the long runs. My weekly average has been very low. I am, therefore very pleased with my effort of 3:30:30 and winning my age category to boot. The conditions were not ideal but I would rather the cold and wet than sweltering heat. It was good to maintain an average of 5mins per k for 42.2 k's and now to be recovering so well is an added bonus.


Jen_runs said...

Congratulations on a sensational result in Toowoomba Eddie. Well done!!


Horrie said...

I am in awe Eddie. To run 3:30 on the light buildup you had is an awesome achievement. Hope the recovery goes well.

Tesso said...

Super effort at Toowoomba Eddie. How the hell do you do it!

So how do we get to read your real training blog ;-)