04 October, 2005


After a good work out in the 10K on Sunday I decided to take it easy this morning on the 7.65K circuit i.e. I was not going to make any real effort. After having improved my time last week from 37:49 to 36:49 I would have been happy with something in between. I felt good in the down hill sections, my left knee having improved somewhat. My quads felt heavy and tired in the uphill home stetch, 6m to 70m elevation in about 1.6K. I couldn't believe my time...35:57. Unbelievable!

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Horrie said...

You are certainly on the improve Eddie. It is great to see your times gradually creeping down again. It is also great to read that you are enjoying your running again after the low spot you hit earlier in the year. Keep on enjoying what you do. You are an inspiration.