31 October, 2005

Goodna Jacaranda Festival Fun Run

I have wanted to do this fun run for a long while and for various reasons have missed it. One of the reasons I have missed it is that the organisers don't advertise. This year I rang them and was directed to their web site which turned out to be a good and informative site. The trouble is nobody knows about it.
I knew this wasn't going to be like other fun runs as far as organisation went. The web site said the 10k run would start at 7:00 AM and that the sign on and paymnet of the $5 entry fee would take place between 5:30 and 6:55. I arrived at 6:00 and found one of the organisers who was waiting on others so that they could begin setting up. Hmmmm!

The run started at 7:05 with an invitaion (jokingly) to the elite runners to start at the front. 30 of us set off, a few walking, a young 16 year old, Darryl Crooke, took the lead and disappeared out of sight. Their were no K markers and no marshalls. There was a police car patrolling and a sedan from the Qld Ambulance. There were some arrows to point the way along a very good undulating course. Though the winner was out of sight I managed to keep the 2nd & 3rd runners in view. Young Darryl won in 34 mins and I came in 4th in 42:04. The mother of the 15 year old girl who came second proudly told us that her daughter had not run 10K before. Unfortunately I didn't get her name.

All in all it was a good event on a good course. It was a fun run.


Tesso said...

Congrats on your great run Eddie - 4th!!!

As annoying as it is that they don't advertise its great that some of these small community events still exist. And just $5 - that's amazing!

Good on you for showing your support.

Ewen said...

Just off the podium Eddie - that's great. You've got to love small town fun runs... reminds me of when I placed 3rd at Bribie Island (1st and 2nd were out of sight).