26 June, 2005

Sunday 26/6/2005

What a glorious day! I had a great run this morning. How could I not..with Clairie, Tesso and Karisma as a cheer squad. Whow! 10k in 42:40, average 4:16 per k. Iwonder if I can maintain an average pace of 4:40 for the GCM. Hmmmmm!

25 June, 2005

22 June, 2005

Wednesday 22/6/2005

I took a longer lunch break today and ran from the City Gardens, Edward St to Toowong Village, a round trip of 12k. I was pleased with my time of 54:15, av 4:33 per k.

19 June, 2005

Sunday 19/6/2005

With only 2 weeks to the Gold Coast Marathon, today's run was important and I am pleased to say that I was very happy with it. I ran with friends from Park Road on an out and back course for a total of 28k in 2:30. A tad slow but I felt good afterwards.

While we were out there we saw a big group running towards us...it was Pat Carroll and a lot of his crew. It was good to be able to yell a hello to some my old running buddies as they cruised past. Casper was in the lead.

16 June, 2005

Thursday 16/6/2005

12k in 1:02 today. A nice steady run. I didn't push myself at all.

12 June, 2005

Sunday 12/6/2005

Thanks to Wombat I had a comfortable run today. Tuli's heel cups are great. I only ran about 14k today because on Friday I was off work due to, I believe, food poisoning. Gosh! I was crook. Today my stomach was still very tender and the further I ran the sorer it got. Needless to say my energy level was pretty low as well.

09 June, 2005

Thursday 9/6/2005

Helllloooo...........I'm still here. My wheels fell off this week. I have had a very busy week and things have been a little out of control.

After my big run on Saturday I rested on Sunday. On Sunday afternoon I went to help out on the running club's info table at a West End community fair. I locked my keys in the car and it took Keith Chaston (club President) an hour to unlock my car while I looked on and offered helpful suggestions.......thank you Keith.

I rested Monday.

Had to get to work very early Tuesday so decided to run at lunch time. I had a good run, Edward St entry City Gardens to Toowong Village and back. 12k in 54:30. I really enjoyed the run but......my right heel hurts like hell - not when I put it down but when lifting my foot. I had this, only worse, in the left heel in 2003 and that turned out to be a stress fracture. Fear! Panic! Noooooooooooo not again. No running, lots of ice, voltaren cream. Getting better. Phew! 20 mile at West End on Sunday in question though.

04 June, 2005

Saturday 4/6/2005

Change of plans today. Sunday is usually Long run day but went out today instead. 33.7k in 3:07:34, average pace 5:33/k. This bought my total k's for the week to 90. next week will be much less because there will be no long run on Sunday.

03 June, 2005

Friday 3/6/2005

Yesterday my alarm went off but my bed wouldn't let go of me. It took me another hour for me to finally struggle free form it's clutches.

Today is a different story. I didn't give the bed a chance. I set off on my 12 k circuit feeling good. Though I wasn't pushing myself, I knew I would be disappointed if I didn't get home in under the hour. On Tuesday I was really pleased with my 58:52 so you can imagine how I felt when I looked at my wacth and saw 56:38. It was one of those moments that make the effort so worthwhile.

01 June, 2005

Wednesday 1/6/2005

My legs kept their promise! 12k today in 58:52. They put in a great effort. I was felt like I was running well and thought I might get in a few seconds under 60 and was surprised when I looked at my watch.

The moral of the story is: 'when your legs talk to you....listen to them'.