06 January, 2006

Home Alone

It was another though one yesterday, but I survived.

No run this morning as I had to deliver my wife, daughter and grandchildren to the airport. They are off to Tasmania for 2 weeks. During their time there they are spending 5 days on Maria Island which is off the South East coast of Tassie. Facilities are very basic on the Island which was a convict settlement about 150 years ago. They will stay in a cabin, fitted out with bunks and a wood fired stove. There is no electricity. Fun! What was Robyn thinking when she accepted her sister's invitation to join her on this adventure???

I will stick to running.


Tesso said...

No electricity!!!! I guess that means .... shock .... horror .... no TV. Forget it!

I'm with you Eddie. Give me the pain of marathon running any day over what the fam are getting themselves into.

Superflake said...

Eddie you should have gone with them and done Hobart or at least the half?

Luckylegs said...

Yes, me too, Eddie....stick to running!

Horrie said...

Good to seeing you sticking to running Eddie. It is what you do best.