24 January, 2006

Slack Eddie

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes. Even though my family were away I was still spoilt rotten. Two lovely friends, Sherilee and Megan, took me out to dinner. I felt very special dining in a lovely resteraunt with two gorgeous women (I did tell Robyn). Sunday night the family put on a birthday tea for me as well.

My Martathon training is a bit ordinary at the moment. I am still not clocking up enough K's. I had a good run on Sunday....only 21k's though. Another good run this morning......12k's in 58:07.
Thursday being a public holiday, I meeting some buddies at Park Road and heading out for another long one so that should help knock up the week's tally a bit.


Clairie said...

Hi Slack Eddie. Start picking up the kms now.....

See you at BRRC for their 15km race this Sunday. Should be fun.

I'm not sure how I will go as I intend to still do some km's on Sat but should be fun to see everyone again :)

Tesso said...

Gees, not a bad way for an old guy to spend his birthday ;-)

Good luck with upping the kms.

Thanks for the Mozart request. I snaffled it this morning and am listening to it now as I type - very pleasant indeed.