29 January, 2006

Long Run and Race Combo

I was determined to get to the BRRC meet this morning as I love racing there but I also need to get some K's under my belt for Canberra. I did a couple of laps of the 5K circuit before the race then did the 15K in 1:08:23. My legs felt a bit heavy at the start but I was able to settle in fairly well.

It was good to combine the long run with a race as the race put he pressure on me to push myself that bit harder.

Robert Song, Clairie and Karisma were all there to lend support as we head towards Canberra.

While I was running, Gavin Bell was heading in the opposite direction and I thought he said "Do youu have a camera?" I said "No". I then realised he actually said "Are you going to Canberra? Too late, he was long gone.


Clairie said...

Oh Eddie that is so funny about Gavin. He was yelling something at me too and i just smiled (well he was going in the opposite direction quite quickly so I am forgiven for not being able to decipher him).

Great run this morning...my goal is to run with you next time...well maybe :)

Robert Song said...

A Good time Eddie! Despite your doubts, I don't think you will have to many problems in Canberra.

Luckylegs said...

That's a funny one, Eddie! Of course you're going to Canberra! Not too many weeks away now...eeeek!!

Horrie said...

Maybe Gavin was asking you to take a picture of him in Canberra Eddie. It's good to see you building the base for Canberra.