19 October, 2006

7K Circuit

Our local Council has constructed a road through some bushland. This road connects to existing roads creating a 7K circuit for me. Good of them wasn't it. I ran the circuit on Tuesday, not feeling too good after my aborted marathon effort, in 40 mins. Today I ran it in 32. Must have been feeling a bit better.


Ewen said...

Glad you're feeling better Eddie.

You could do laps! Three for a half marathon :)

Clairie said...

You can practice for BRRC!!!

I am very happy that you are feeling much better than you were during and immediately after the marathon. I don't like to see/hear of you in pain.

Hope you make it out for the Champs run on Sunday. Will be interesting to see what everyone runs.

Tesso said...

Keep on improving at that rate and we'll be drug testing you.

iliketoast said...

it makes you stronger for the next one ..... that's what i tell myself