27 October, 2006

Still here

Yes I am still here. Life has been a little hectic of late and I am afraid tha the blog got a long way down the priority list.... just the blog, not my running friends.

I have been running my 7K circuit regularly and managing to keep my time under 35 minutes. I am hoping this will be good training for the 500K Relay which begins on 17 Nov.

This coming Sunday I am doing a 10K fun run at The Goodna Jacaranda Festival. $5:00 entry fee.

Thursday I have the 5.13K Cool Night Classic in the Brisbane City. So ther are still things happening.


iliketoast said...

It just occurred to me .... it won't be a cool night at this time of year.

Ewen said...

The 10k should blow the weeds out Eddie. Good to hear things are still ticking over.

Robert Song said...

Good to hear from you again and that the running is going OK.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Just catching up with things following my own absences from blogland.

I have to commend you first up for the great restraint you showed at the Toowoomba marathon. I thought that showed real strength of mind to pull out. You have had a pretty good year Eddie and a Toowoomba DNF I wouldn't think matters in the big scheme of things.