01 October, 2006

Confidence Booster

This morning I met my running buddy, Tegwen, at Park Road at 5:00AM. We both needed to test ourselves to check our preparedness for the Toowoomba Marathon. We thought 30K should do the trick and set off along the river to Breakfast Creek and a bit beyond to take us to 15k out and then run the same course back. I think Tegwen's fitness is bit better than mine at the moment....we are usually pretty evenly matched. Today I was struggling a bit to keep up with her but I was determined to do so as I the extra effort wouldn't do me any harm.

Though I was pleased to finish the 30K I didn't feel to bad and I think we achieved what we set out to do. We passed our test and received a great confidence boost. Those niggling doubts about my ability to finish a marathon on October 15 have been stiffled to a large degree.


Clairie said...

Sounds like a solid long run.

Best of luck in the next two weeks leading into Toowoomba. Wrap the cotton wool and don't kiss any sniffly grandkids!!

Go Eddie!

Ewen said...

Good to hear that Eddie. Not long to go now.

Tesso said...

Ah, so much blogging to catch up on after being away. Well, from most people anyway.

Sorry to hear you haven't been 100%. Hopefully by the weekend you will be. Imagine how fresh you will feel!