20 December, 2006

Cool Running

I can't believe this weather. The mornings have been so cool and running conditions ideal.

On Sunday morning we ran 18K from Park Road. We headed to the University of Qld with the intention of running over the new bridge accross the Brisbane River. However, when we got there we were disappointed to find that the bridge was closed until the official opening ceremony later in the morning.

On Tuesday I ran my 12K circuit from home. I would have been happy to get in just under the hour and was amazed to do it in 55Mins. The coolness of the early morning was a big help.

This morning, not feeling particularly energetic, I settled for a 7K run and, once again, was very pleased with my time.....33:43.. better than I actully felt I was running.

10 December, 2006

Sunday Long Run

While many of my friends were doing it tough at Kurrawa, my running buddy, Tegwen, and I thought we would do some character building. We set out from Park Road at 5:00 AM and headed out to Mt Coot-tha via Milton Road. We did 2 laps of the mount and headed back via Sylvan Road. 27K's all up but it did take us 2 Hrs 30 Mins.

We run the mountain anticlockwise which gives you the longest continuous uphill section. On our second lap we were running along on the LH side and quickly gaining on a couple of men who were running/walking on the RH side. as we approached them a cyclist came flying down the road into the sun and knocked one of the men, who were doing a very slow jog at that point. The cyclist, a man in his sixties, came of his bike. He did some damage to his knee, a deep cut and a knee cap that didn't look like it was in the right place anymore. He also had a bad cut on his arm. The runner, who fortunately saw the cyclist coming and managed to begin a dive for safety, had some skin off his leg but was able to keep going. A couple of the cyclists buddies come along soon after the mishap and called an ambulance. We went on our way after ensuring that all that could be done was being done and our assistance was not required.

Now you know why we were running on the LH side. It is much easier to avoid traffic that is coming up the road from behind.

I wasn't feeling too good yesterday, don't know why, but the effects were very evident in my run this morning. By the time we got back to Park Road I was absolutely stuffed. I couldn't have run another step. As for character, it was ousing out of us.

05 December, 2006

2 Loops

This morning I did 2 loops of my 7K circuit. I set out at 4:30. It was cloudy and cool. I left a bottle of water on my letter box and set off, feeling good. I was back for my drink of water in 34:53. After a few gulps of water I was ready for the 2nd loop. It took me a hundred meters or so to get back into a rhythm and feel comfortable again.

I was able to maintain a steady pace and was even able to keep my uphill climb home down to 5:00 min K. My split for the second loop was 33:29.

Hopefully I will do more and more of the double loops as my Canberra campaign progresses.

04 December, 2006

Something Different

Some friends of mine invited me to a breakfast barby at Bribie Island and we decided to enter a team in the beginners triathlon ie 300M swim, 13K ride, 3K run. We entered in the corporate team category. I did the run, not being able to swim or ride. It was great fun and we won our category.

I have to get get in some extra K's this week to make up for what I missed on Sunday. So I definitely have to do the second loop of my 7K circuit.