04 July, 2007

Oh well!

A PW for me. A Personal worst by one minute. That is what I achieved at the Gold Coast on Sunday. I didn't put in the preparation and set out from the start just hoping to get under 3:30. I sat with the 3:30 bus for a while but thought I may just be able to do a bit better as I wasn't feeling too bad. It wasn't till I got to 37K that the wheels fell off. I wasn't a pretty sight for the last 5K. It was very tough going. My energy was completly spent. It seemed to take all my effort to keep moving forward.

Never-the-less, I managed to finish in 3:32:08. My previous worst being 3:31:16. I still came 17th out of 142 finishers in my category. I am happy with that.

I have to say that I have never enjoyed the Gold Coast Marathon. I have done 4 and they have all been somewhat of a challenge as compared to my most enjoyable marathons, Sydney 2004 and Canberra 2007.

Congratulations to Robert Song. I was so happpy that he had such a good run and such a fantastic result. The good part about the GC was seeing Coolrunner's like, Tesso, Eagle, Peterhorse, Iliketoast, Johnny Dark and Plu (a surpirise in the full), also Vurt out there on the road. The cheer squad was terrific. I was so sorry to hear that LL's plans were thwarted by the airlines. That was really terrible.


iliketoast said...

It's the bad ones that makes the good ones, great!

Ewen said...

Sorry I missed you Eddie - guess you weren't feeling that well afterwards. Robert Song told me at the drinks you were looking a bit pale. Not much you can to when the wheels fall off.

I'm sure you'll bounce back. Take care and recover well.

Superflake said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad race Eddie. Maybe Sydney this year on the new flatter finish might be a good one for a PB.

Robert Song said...

I don't think worst is the right word for a 3:32 marathon. That still is a mighty achievement.

It may have been tougher than previous in the end but hopefully you will draw on that in future when preparing for races.

Thanks for the kind words. You are a true gentleman.

Scott said...

It is interesting that you say that you've "never enjoyed the Gold Coast Marathon."

We all have our favorite races. I mean we like or dislike a certain races for various reasons some reasons we cannot even explain it is just a feeling. but I understand what you are saying I think the Gold Coast marathon is missing something.

It certainly isn't the "right people" it has that, maybe the last lonely strectch until the turn around to come back to the finish? It just seems to me that although it looks "fast" on paper it is a rather difficult race to finish off.

I don't know maybe we need to PB there a few more times to warm to it ;)

IHateToast said...

i think the gold coast's second half kills me. the first part is lovely. there's the beach. what fun. look at the view. i'm running along the beach. second half (okay 26 km +) is just going up a g.c. burb and back. i see ... houses built all the same. no visual distraction to help me forget the pain.

but the good thing about the gold coast are all the people who come up for it.

Tesso said...

Nobody would have known how you were feeling Eddie. You you still had that customary huge smile on your face in the finishing area!

Tuggeranong Don said...

If we didn't have PW's we probably wouldn't have PB's Eddie - that's a slight variation on what iliketoast had to say, which I also thought was very wise. Knowing you, I know you will take the good with the bad and store both in your memory banks to draw from on a rainy day. And as Robert Song said a 3.32 is still a tremendous run, which few will achieve.

plu said...


Thanks for calling out to me during the run.

Sorry I did not catch you at the end.

As Graham said a good run and it is just part of the journey of running.