19 May, 2008

A Little Better

It was a slow week but I did manage to run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. That was an improvement. I just couldn't push myself to any descent pace though.

On Saturday Tegwen ran and said if she wasn't at Park Road by 5:05AM to go as she wasn't well and probably wouldn't make it. She sure didn't sound too good.

Sunday morning was freezing and, not surprisingly, Tegwen didn't make it. I headed out along the river to the Brisbane Cruise Terminal at Portside. I had run to Newstead with a couple of guys, Ben, the PT, and Craig. Ben was having Achilles trouble and our average pace on reaching Newstead, 14k, was 5:20. Ben and Craig headed back while I continued on for another 3k. By the time I got back to Park Road, a total of 34k, I had reduced the average pace to 5:06, the run having taken 2:52:45.


Ewen said...

Freezing? Are you sure Rob? Saturday arvo it was 7C down here, with a wind-chill of 1C - we call that 'brisk'.

Hope Tegwen is back soon to get your pace down to something respectable ;)

Tesso said...

The best thing about a slower start is you feel so good finishing fast :)