11 May, 2008

So Much for Good Intentions

Well my intention to exercise willpower and run more consistently didn't translate into reality. I ran Tuesday and Wednesday then fell in a heap. Although the run on Wednesday was really good and run at 4:37 pace for 14K.

Today, being Mothers Day, it has become tradition, apparently, to run two anti-clockwise laps of Mt Coot-tha. Anti-clockwise is the toughest route. Tegwen and I left Park Road at 5:00AM and arrived back 2hrs 40mins later, having covered almost 28K.

Plans for the New York Marathon trip are progressing well. If things go according to the current plan, my last long run before New York will be the Chicago Marathon on 12 October, three weeks before. On the weekend before New York I will be running a 10K race which is part of the Niagara Falls International Marathon event. I am quite excited.


Robert Song said...

Sounds like a great trip you are planning.

Still plenty of time before GC as well.

Ewen said...

That sounds like a fantastic trip Rob. Go for the sub 3:10 PB in the windy city (if it's not windy or stinking hot like last year), then have fun in New York.

Good to see Tegwen still keeping you honest.

Casey Abenoki said...

You should be "excited." That is going to be some great trip Eddie.

Looking forward to hearing some more details.

Casey Abenoki said...
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Tesso said...

What!!! Chicago as well! That is so exciting. I've heard its a great course so maybe Ewen is on to something with the sub 3:10 suggestion.

Nice work on the mountain this morn.