21 April, 2009

Bloody Marvellous

What a great weekend it was in Canberra! I really love the Canberra Marathon.
I went with the attitude that I was going to enjoy the run as much as possible and just do my best on the day. I hadn't been very happy with my preparation and had only just felt like I was finding my running legs after starting speedwork four weeks out from the marathon. I really wasn't sure how I was going to perform so when I met up with my mate Langy on Saturday and he said he was feeling the same way, I was pretty happy when he suggested that we head out together at a 3:30 pace (just under 5:00 min pace) and see how it goes.

The start was cold but not freezing and was shaping up to be an ideal running day. Langy and I cruised along at a steady 4:54 per K pace. We caught up with Clairie at about 12K and then the 3:30 bus at about 13K. We reckoned the 3:30 bus must have set out a bit fast. It took us a tad over 2Hrs to hit 25K.

We were receiving great support along the way from people like Barb Williams, Robbie Lofthouse, Ewen, Coolrunners. Their support met so much. However, as always, the greatest supporter of all was the indefatigable Katie (Ihatetoast). She was absolutely incredible. Hers was a true marathon effort.

I think it was about the 25K mark where I gradually left Langy behind. I was feeling pretty good at the time and felt that I should make the most of the feeling. I passed a lot of runners but there were still some passing me. I was still thinking that there was a chance of my wheels falling off. As I was heading for the 34K turn-around I spotted my mate Glenno heading up the hill. He was well ahead of me but I thought that there maybe a chance of catching him. I think he thought he escaped being passed by me on this occasion. I lost sight of him but hoped that I could steadily make up some ground. By the time I got to 37K I was still feeling good. My legs were starting to feel a bit like lead but I was still moving fairly well so I figured that my wheels would remain intact so I motored on. As I turned the bend just after the 40K mark I spotted Glenno up ahead. What an incentive! I thought "I can do this" and set of in pursuit (not hot pursuit). After a final cheer from a beer bellied, bearded Katie, I caught Glenno right on the 41K mark. He was a little surprised and asked "why couldn't you have done this at 21K like you normally do". I'm getting old Glenno. I finished a few seconds ahead of Glenno in a net time of 3:23:19. I am so happy with that result. I really didn't expect to do as well as that.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement. It means a huge amount to me.

Congratulations my wonderful friends who ran over the weekend and who made the weekend such a pleasure.


Scott Brown said...

You make it sound like a must run marathon Rob.

We'll done, You'll be happy to pull that one out of the bag.

You must be thinking about the next one with renewed excitement.

The PBs are still in you I'd wager.

Tigger said...

Without the blazing sun
Young Eddie had a good run!
I admit I was waiting for the call
To be told he hadn't hit the wall
Eddie, although you were out of sight
I knew I was RIGHT.

Well done!!!!!

(Ewen think carefully before you respond!)

Superflake said...

Bloody marvellous too Rob. I suppose the negative split was quite good then as well? Great run!

iliketoast said...

What makes the weekend is having you there and all the other buddies, it's like going on camp as a kid. Great run being a little under done.

Tesso said...

Fantastic run Rob. I want to know your secret ... I should have tried to extract it from you Sunday night after a beer or two.

What a great weekend Canberra is getting to hang out with everyone and eat and drink and talk ... and sledge ;) Sometimes it seems more about that than the marathon.

Ewen said...

I should have trusted Tigger
My stimulus package would have been bigger,
Don't know why I put the $900 on Rob
Should have just made it two bob,
Although Toasty was fading fast
The die was already cast,
Rob closed to within 5 minutes
By running right at his limits,
But Toasty had too much of a gap
Losing lard made him a fast chap,
Next time I want to be a winner
I'll back Toast and I'll be a grinner.

mj said...

Good read mate and a great run


Luckylegs said...

"Young Eddie" had a fantastic marathon! Big hugs from afar...as usual!

Tigger said...

To confirm she's out of her tree
Tigger decided to do Mt Mee.
"Australia's toughest run"
In the blazing Qld sun!
Some time after the race,
Whilst searching for a mobile reception place,
Eddie's message: "Are you still alive?"
Did finally arrive (thank you Telstra??)
Eddie didn't have to worry
It's not a race you do in a hurry.
A meesage I hope he'll heed
Forget about the speed!
2010 Mt Mee run
Eddie, R U up 4 the fun?