06 April, 2009

Canberra - Less than 2 Weeks

I am looking forward to being in Canberra again. This will be my 5th Canberra Marathon and my 15th in total. Once again I will be staying at the Telopea Inn on the Park, right at the start/finish line. I look forward to catching up with all the usual suspects. I am not sure what is happening for dinner on Saturday night, but hope that I can scrounge a seat at a table somewhere with somebody.

Tigger an I set out from Park Road again on Sunday and headed off on the same route as last week. This time Tigger headed across the Green bridge for the 34k and I headed back to park Road for 20K. I finished with an average of 5:09. While Tigger turned up the heat on herself and finished with a very commendable 5:08. Great work Tigger.

Last Wednesday was Galeforce speed training in Limestone Park again. We did a 30 minute fartlek session on the running track. Chris called go and slow at varying intervals. It was a good workout. I worked pretty hard. Harder than I thought I actually had it in me to achieve. I really didn't think I could support that effort over a 30 minute period.

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have a very enjoyable and safe Easter.


Tigger said...

Now Eddie be kind
I don't always change my mind!
This having been said
I set off with some dread
To take the long way home
Despite the temptation to roam!

Having reached bridge # four
I had to do a bit more
A loop round the bend
On route to the end!
To return to the place
From whence Eddie set the pace!

Now Ewen and Scott do not fear
Though young Eddie was not near
The pace at the start of the run
Suggests he heard the starters gun!
Canberra 2009 is the place to be
To watch Fast Eddie do a PB!

Superflake said...

The sessions with Galeforce will definitely get you to run faster. Should help with your pace at Canberra.

Clairie said...

Hiya Eddie,

Yep you are booked at my table on Saturday night. I'll let you know when / where when I see you on Saturday :) or Just ask Tess...but we included you in the Brisbane head count!

30mins of fartlek phew!!! You are going to be so much better from that speedwork.

See you in Canberra

Ewen said...

Tigger, I hope that's not a boast
For I've gone and made a bet
On Rob to finish ahead of Toast
With my $900 Stimulus bonus from Kev

Tigger said...

Ewen have no fear
The time is near
With such a safe bet
You are sure to get
Another cheque in the mail
Young Eddie will not fail!
But will he still smile
Come the last mile?

Eagle said...

In answer to your question:

Rob asked in a comment:
After all the marathons you have run, do you still have a sense of anticipation and excitement about the next marathon?

To use that over used word; absolutely. I get very excited with butterflies in the stomach as I have now because I am taking the time to think about it. No marathon preparation is the same and no marathon is the same so it does not matter how many you have done each one is new, exciting and different. I like the discipline of the training (it somehow suits my weird personality and I suppose I have a bit of the baggage from the past and while I am recovered from those problems it still happened and I can't forget that). I am sure that deep down it drives me for some reason.

Apart from that probable subconscious element I thrive on the challenge of just seeing where the limit is. That doesn't mean you must always get faster just not slow down too fast. That makes me recall that 10 years when Canberra was my 5th marathon and second after detox I ran 3.16.xx it would be nice 10 years later to run 10 minutes faster.

So Rob I just love all that is related to running but really the marathon has a special place for me although I have a growing passion for ultra's. I am not sure why perhaps it just a long way to try and run as fast as you can (ultra's don't really have that element - more like seeing if you can survive and keep moving for 24+ hours).

I doubt if the attraction will ever go away. I still get a huge sense of achievement and buzz as I see the finishing line. That feeling repays with interst all of the months of effort put into the preparation and training. Sometimes the run or the time is not as expected and there is disappointment but that usually occurs sometime earlier and by the time you reach the finish line that feeling seems to be left behind and you have accepted what will be and depite the result (good or bad) there is just a great relief and exhilaration at finishing another 42.195 journey with other like minded runners.

Rob said...

Thanks Eagle. I really appreciate you taking the time to put you feeling into such inspiring words. I doubt that I will make it to 100 marathons, but I can't help getting excited about getting excited about the next marathon, and the nest and the next....

Luckylegs said...

You've lots of time to make it to 100 marathons, Eddie!

Agree, that Eagle's post was an inspiring read...that should get you there!

10 days....See you there!

Tesso said...

I was gonna talk dinner but Clairie already has :)

Glad I looked at your comments, what Eagle wrote will stick in my head hopefully so I can extract it when/if things get tough on Sunday.

See ya at Telopea if not before.

(Glad you are enjoying the Galeforce sessions)

iliketoast said...

took me some time to get to a comment ... i dropped my kids at the airport this morning and now my thoughts are fully on Canberra .... i hope i am crossing that last bridge and wondering if you are going to come and overtake me like 2 years ago ... canberra marathon number 3 and overall number 16 for me .... i'm excited .... thanks Ewen, nothing like a little extra stimulus