30 April, 2005

Saturday 20/4/2005

I haven't managed as much running as I would have liked this week. I had a great run on Wednesday but may have overdone it a bit. Thursday I was too sore to run. Friday I set out to do 8k and by 5 k I was wishing I had stayed at home. I didn't run today and tomorrow I am the Race Director at the Brisbane Road Runners so will miss out on what a 14k which probably would have suited me really well at the monent.

The soreness is not there went I am walking today so hopefully if I go out nice and steady on Monday I can build up from there.

27 April, 2005

Wednesday 27/4/2005

Eddie is ascending from the Valley of Dispair.

I almost wept tears of joy this morning. Having finally worked up the courage to have a go at my 12K circuit, I set out this morning just before 5:00AM. I was pleased to find it was moonlight and temp about 12 degrees. It was a beautiful run and I made it home in 1:01. I was very happy.

The tops of my legs and groin are very thight and I am trying to find suitable stretches help loosen up a bit. A steady recovery run tomorrow might help.

26 April, 2005

Tuesday 26/4/2005

I was a bit sore and stiff after my run yesterday so decided to give today miss. I will ease my way back into training. I am rearing to go but don't want to end up where I was before Canberra. I want to make the most of this glorious weather too.

25 April, 2005

Monday 2/4/2005 ANZAC Day

A glorious ANZAC Day morning. How privileged we are to have the freedom to just go out and run wherever and whenever we like.

I ran 9k this morning in 50:22. It was good to be back on the road.

22 April, 2005

Friday 23/04/2005

Lucky Legs has asked me why I have quit Pat Carroll's Brisbane Running Group. Let me say firstly that I loved the running group and will miss training with my friends very much. It was good training with Pat because didn't just stand there on the sideline, he was always out there with us and always out in front.

I quit because the speed training seemed to be wearing me out. If you want to find out where weaknesses are in your lesgs and hips then try speed training. Though I had some initial improvement in running time, like my sub 20 minute 5K which I am still stoked about, my running seemed to gradually deteriorate. I am not blaming this wholly on speed training. I think what the training did was aggravate already existing underlying problems with my hips and lower back. These could possibly be remedied through a programme of physio and remedial massages. Such treatment is long and costly and quite frankly I do not have the time or the resources to commit to this. Though I love running I do have other committments and priorities and all things had to be considered and bought into perspective.

I am reverting to my previous training program which I enjoyed and which seemed to suit me quite well. This will consist of my 12K undulating circuit from home Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Each day run at different paces depending how I am feeling on the day. Sunday will be either Club Runs or long runs from Park Road with my friends . This is the training that got me through Gold Coast and Sydney marathons in 2004.

21 April, 2005

Thursday 21/4/2005

Today, after much thought, I decided to quit Pat Carroll's training programme. I will really miss the group. The camaradarie is unbelievable. I value dearly the friendships I have made there.
I still have not run since Canberra. I am still getting over a cold virus which has bowled me over.

On Sunday I am marshalling at the Brisbane Marathon and looking forward to seeing many CR's out there.

17 April, 2005

Sunday 17/4/2005

I was supposed to run 10K with the Brisbane road runners today but have succumbed to some sort of virus which has me finding it diffcult to breathe and my nose running faster than I can. I went along to the event however, and was able to help out at the finish line. It was enjoyable watching everyone come in except for a sad Clairie who is nursing an injury. I hope you get better quickly Clairie.

I was heartened to read LL's Blog today. What a tremendous spirit that wonderful lady has. See you at the Gold Coast LL.

13 April, 2005

Wednesday 13/4/2005

Now the Marathon is over.

Today I went back to work after spending a couple of days in Canberra after the marathon. I have felt exhausted and flat today and am not surprised by that. I rest satisfied in knowledge that I did my best on the day. I gave it all I had. When I crossed the finish line I was near collapse. It took a lot of will power to stay upright. To continue on to do the 50K would have been madness on my part.

The run was, for the most part, very enjoyable. I enjoyed the company of Nicholas Petrie, until he turned on his supercharger, Horrie, until I had to slow for water, Rooster, who kept me going at a good pace, and Colin, who was displaying guts and determination after injury.

I had Tesso hot on my heals for quite some time. A big hug from Clairie at the 10K mark gave me a boost.

Having not been happy with my preparation, or lack there-of through injury, I had very mixed feelings about the race but never once considered not doing it or not going on to 50K. Race morning I awoke and just wanted to get into it. Staying in a motel right at the start line was a real bonus.

I was really happy with my first 10K, about 47 mins which was slower than I planned but still good. When Nicholas Petrie left me behind at about the 15K mark I knew it would be a mistake for me to try and keep up with him. He was running so well and looking strong.

When I saw Pat Carroll coming along on his return I surprised that his group had dwindled so much and that Rith was not with them. It wasn't long before I saw Rith and I was pleased to see that he was going so well. I reached the Half point in about 1:42 and was pleased to hit 25k in 1:58. However I knew that I would not be able to maintain the same pace for another 25 and come in for 4 hrs for the 50k.

Heading back out on the last leg of the Marathon I was tiring quickly and by 30K was finding it an effort but knew from my experience, limited though it is, that I would come good again which I did at about 35K. This was short lived because by 40K I was thinking about still having 2.2k to go just to finish the Marathon let alone going on to 50K. 2.2K seemed like a hell of a distance at that point. My legs were saying WALK and my head was saying RUN and run I did to 42.2K. I went into the 50K shute and thought a test of my ability to keep going would be to stop and see if I would be able to start again. I stopped and didn't start. My legs went to jelly. I was ready to fall in a heap. I went back and got my medal. A wise decision I think.

I finished in 3:25:59, an average pace of 4:48. I am very happy with that. My race number was 187 and I came 187th out of a field of 788 finishers. I was placed 17 out of 69 in the Mens 50 to 54 category. It was a great experience and I can't wait for the next marathon. Bring on the Gold Coast.

06 April, 2005

Wednesday 6/4/2005

Since the 21k on Sunday I have done absolutely nothing and feel much better than I have in weeks. I am beginning to feel much more confident and relaxed about Canberra. My friends and I are flying down on Saturday morning and are staying at the Telopea Inn which, I am told, is very close the the race start and finish.

03 April, 2005

Sunday 3/4/2005

It was good to go out and feel a little bit of bounce in my legs again. 21k at 5:37 pace today. I am hoping for a better pace than that next Sunday and also hoping I can maintain it for 50k.