28 November, 2005


After the wonderful 500K Relay I had a bad week. I went out on Wednesday morning, feeling good but taking it easy. About 10 metres from my front gate after doing my 7.65K circuit I was pulled up quite dramatically by a severe pain in my right calf. I hobbled inside and went straight to the freezer for the ice pack. Ice and linament have helped. It was feeling better by Friday morning an I thouht I would try a run. I got 100m along the street and had to stop an dn walk home. Bugger!

Sunday morning! I look forward to Sunday morning s so much. I love my long runs or Club runs. Yesterday I opted for a longer slow run rather than the 5K championship at the club. I was running very slowly but even than the pain began to build and after 3k I quit and walked back to the start.

I envied the other runners like Tesso, Lizzle, Hannah, Chunderchick and Rith, all of whom I saw out there, running and sweating and generally having a great time.

23 November, 2005

What a Weekend!!

The 500K Relay is over. Now to get ready for the next one. It is such a fantastic event. I ran with the Brisbane Road Runners and we came 5th out of 17 teams. We are pretty pleased with that. Over the three days I ran 6 times - 2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Each leg of the relay is an about 5k on average.

The heat and flies will not deter me from doing the event again. I have done it three times now so am comparatively new at it. There are runners of all standards taking part and they all give the utmost for their team. It's awsome. I get quite emotional when I see the effort some put in. I wonder whether and when I will be able to give to that degree. If ever you want to be inspired and exhilerated and absolutely exhausted then the 500K Relay is the place to do it.

16 November, 2005

Relay Ready

I am as ready for the 500K Relay as I am going to be at this stage. I slept in this morning and thought I might have to miss my run. When I looked out the window and saw what a perfect day for running it was I just had to get out there, even if for a reduced time. Once out on the footpath I decide to do a 5k Circuit I haven't done for a very long time. What a blast! it was great. Here are my splits; 4:13, 3:58, 3:58, 4:31 (long incline), 4:02, Total 20:44.

I am feeling good and rearing to go. Yahoo!

The Relay Team bus is collecting me at 2:00AM on Friday morning. Hmmmm.

14 November, 2005

It's over a week since I last Blogged

All is well Robert Song, I have been a bit snowed under. Early starts at work have been keeping me off the road and the key board.

4 November 2005
Ran 7.65 in 37 mins. I didn't do my usual circuit but decided on a doing some exploration and found a very challenging hill which I had a couple of cracks at and then ran around a few more streets to make up some distance.

6 November 2005
Ran with some buddies from Park Road. We covered 15K in about 1:20. A nice easy run that one.

9 November 2005
Cool Night Classic. This was my 5th Cool Night Classic. It marked the 4th aniversary of my first ever Fun Run...a run which literally changed my life. I have not stopped running since (except for injury). the 2005 CNC was run on exactly the same course as last year so it was good to compare the time. I have been concerned that I have not been performing as well as I was at this time last year. Last year my time for the CNC was 21:04 for the 5.13K course. This year, after losing my race number and stopping to retrieve it (random draw prizes in mind) I finished in 21:08. A result which truly cheered me, especially with the 500K relay coming up this weekend.

11 November 2005
A return to my 7.65K circuit which I completed in 35:25.

13 November 2005
Race Director duties at West End for the Club. 10K and 5K events. It was great to see Hannah, Tesso, Rith and Spot all competing.
It was our club AGM yesterday and I was glad to step down from the Treasurer's job. I have to say that I am really disappointed that so few turned out for this meeting.

Today 14 November 2005
Ran an out and back today, total 10K in 47:17. I am feeling good for the big relay.

03 November, 2005

A Slow(er) Day

I missed my run yetserday as I had an early start at work. It was another glorious morning this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed my run. I had to stop for traffic for 6 seconds... I hate that. I felt like I was struggling on the uphhill home stretch but was pleasantly surprised that my time was 34:11....6 seconds slower than Tuesday.

01 November, 2005

I can't explain it

I don't know what happened this morning. I must have thought I was riding a winner. My previous best on my 7.65 circuit was 35:35. Today 34:05. It sounds a bit extreme. Ah! Isn't Extreme running in the Melbourne cup today. I must back that one. My wife reckons it is going to win. It's a sure thing then.