26 May, 2007

Just can't get Moving

Since Canberra I have been stiff and sore and just can't seem to regain any bounce. I have enterted the Queensland Half Maratnon at Doomben and know I can make the distance but feel lack any ability to maitain the sort of pace that I will be happy with. I am hoping that just being there with my running friends will lift my sprits and give me the get up and go that I need.

I have done very little running recently. I did only 15 last Sunday, 7 on Monday and 12K on Wednesday. That's it for the week. I was happy with 56:38 for my 12k circuit on Wednesday but I am not recovering well.

Tomorrow's long run might sort me out. I am still keen to do the Gold Coast Marathon. Time is running out for me to get my mo-jo back.

13 May, 2007

A Little More Respectable

Well this morning's 31K felt better then last Monday's 34. Today we finished in 2:36:38, an average pace of 5:04.

11 May, 2007

Back to the Blog

Yep, I am still here and I have done some running. I have not been running to a program though.

I had a great morning back at the Brisbane Road Runners last Sunday. it was really good to catch up with lots of people like Tesso, Clairie, Robert Song, Beagle among many others.

The 10K went well. I managed to finish in 42:09, an average pace of 4:12.

On Monday, the Labour Day Holiday, my running buddy, Tegwen, and I ran 33.7K. I found the run very hard and found I had to really work at just moving forward. We averaged 5:17 and were glad to get back to Tegwen's place where her husband made us a delicious coffee. We sure appreciated it.

There was no running by me on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I plodded my 12K circuit and finished in 63 mins, average pace 5:18. Today I was determined to put in a bit of an effort. I ran the 12K circuit again but this time in 54:20, average pace 4:31. That made me feel a bit better.

04 May, 2007

What a Slacko!

Whow! have I been slack this week. I ran Teusday, 12K in 59 Mins and today, 12K in 56 Mins. The other days I have felt too bone tired (slack) to get out of bed.

On Sunday I am going to Brisbane Road Runners at West End to do the 10K then on Monday, Labour Day Holiday, I am meeting my running buddy, Tegwen, and we are doing 32K.

I am really looking forward to the 10K at West End. It is so long since I have run there. I will probably hardly know anyone.