30 June, 2008

GC Marathon only a few days away

Yesterday Tigger and I did a nice cool 16k. We practised a slow run for Tigger's pacing duties at the GC Half :-)

A friend expressed concern, over a coffee at Park Road yesterday, that Tigger should ensure that there is not too much helium in her pacer balloons. Tigger, being of slight build, may have difficulty keeping her feet on the ground.

Bring on the Marathon.


Tigger said...

Not sure which planet you were on yesterday Eddie, but I know the run I did was NOT slow, and YOU set the pace!

Somebody has suggested that I listen to ABBA as a distraction ...

Ewen said...

Now that's funny :) Filling the balloons with lead and tying one to each ankle might help.

I'm almost looking forward to seeing Tigger do the impossible (run slowly), than to seeing you take on Robert Song and the 3:10 marathon barrier.

Superflake said...

Good luck at Gold Coast Rob. Hope you run fast.

Tigger said...

Eddie, there's no need to fear,
2008 is your year.
You can break that 3.10,
Like other immortal men.
The Gold Coast is the place
Where you can make the pace.
As for your friend Tigger,
Please do not snigger.
Can she make the pace?
You will have to watch this space.

Rob said...

Note to self - never snigger at Tigger.

Ewen said...

Is that because
Tigger is bigger?
I didn't know it,
but she's also a poet.

Robert Song said...

Hope we can ride together at the Coast. See you at the start.

Hope you will be able to hang around for the after race drinks as well. Ewen maybe able to recite a few more of his poems for us.

Scott Brown said...

What's the race plan Eddie? How is the weather looking? How's your general condition? Hope to hear from you once more before Sudays race. Enjoy this week.

Tesso said...

Every verse
gets worse.

See y'all Sunday!

Tigger said...

Just a few days to go,
And then we will know,
If Rob can handle the pressure,
Or will he meet his measure?
With mates Tesso, Ewen, Rob and Scott,
He can set off at a trot,
And then up the pace,
Blasting 3.10 into space!

No pressure Eddie

Rob said...

There is absolutely no way that I will be running 3:10 or even 3:20. If I come in under 3:30 I will be happy.

Tigger, you have missed your calling.

Tigger said...

Power of positive thought Eddie. Have a good run and enjoy yourself. You will have lots of support out there.
Hopefully you have had a few laughs in the last few days.

IHateToast said...

hope to run into you after the race.

i expect to see wind burns on you from another blistering run.

btw, tiggers bounce. i learned that from a bear.