09 June, 2008

Only 4 weeks to GC

What shocking preparation I have had for a Marathon. I have to keep downgrading my expectations. Last week I ran 14K on Wednesday and 28.6 yesterday. This is hardly what one would call confidence building. My problem has not been injury, but a bad cold and sinus problems have had me feeling pretty yuck.

Yesterday I felt better than I had for a while and met Tegwen and Craig at Park Road. Tegwen, also, has been sick, but Craig on the other hand is thriving and pulled up well after his first Half last Sunday at Doomben. Craig is on track for competing well in his debut marathon at the Gold Coast in less than 4 weeks. We completed our 28.6 in 2:27, average pace 5:08.

Next week we will be doing 34K. We will then begin our taper (mine started straight after Canberra). the following Sunday will be 26K and the last before GC will be about 18K.

Tegwen will be a pacer for the Half at GC. She has a challenge before her as she is pacing the 2:20 group. The challenge will be to run at that pace while resisting the temptation to run faster.


Ewen said...

What?! Doesn't Tegwen know she can't run that slow? 6:38/km is crawling for her! She'd better run backwards.

You'll be OK Rob - 5:08/k for a training run is pretty nippy. At least you're not leaning against a wall like the buggered Scott Brown.

Scott Brown said...

Wow only four weeks to go. That came fast. I doesn't take much to spoil a build up, does it? I'm thinking the best way to go is to start 6 months early and hope that you can miss a few weeks here or there and still not go off track too much. But that is bloody hard to do.

Maybe if you can get to the line from now with no other dramas you still maybe able to run a good race just on the atmosphere.

But your right, nothing beats a good steady build up even if just for the confidence it gives you.

Anyway, don't give up yet, you are usually up among the top guys in your age group so all it will take for you to get among the medals at the gold coast is for a few of them to have had a worse build up and a bad run on the day which isn't inconceivable.

Tigger said...

Ewan I am hoping that there will be people out on the course to pass me cups of coffee to sip as I amble along! Will forget about the effects of caffeine as stimulant.

It would help if Eddie wasn't running so fast in our training runs ... at least he is keeping my honest and is helping Craig to his 1st marathon.

Tesso said...

I have a very good feeling about this one Rob. You will go in feeling so relaxed because you feel underprepared and you will have a fantastic race.

That's funny about Tegwen! At least at that pace she will have plenty of breath left to do lots and lots of talking to encourage her bus passengers.

Tigger said...


The Rat Pack are concerned for the bus pack. What am I going to talk about? I can't repeat their jokes and it's not the time for horror stories about past marathons I have run. Suggestions welcome. On the plus side, I'll get through the coffee line before the marathoners come in.


Ewen said...

Tigger, Rob keeps telling me it's you who pushes the pace on the Sunday runs!

Carry a coin tray and leather shoulder bag for the passengers - that might slow you down.

Staying at the back and using Spody's bad jokes should encourage them to stay well ahead ;)