16 June, 2008

Turn around & 3 Weeks to GC

At last my health seem to be improving. Last week I ran 14K on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday was very slow, Thursday was less slow, ans Friday I decided to do my Friday effort run and finished the 14K in 1:06:31, av pace 4:45. this was 9 minutes better than Thursday and a good boost.

On Sunday I met Tigger and Craig at Park Road at 5AM. It was quite cold and in the breeze along the river was even colder. Us tough Queenslanders make no concessions to the cold (what we call cold) where running gear is concerned, just our usual summer gear, except Tigger, being a girl, wears gloves. It was a 34K morning and we headed for the Brisbane Cruise Terminal at Portside.

Along the way, Tigger mentioned that she had run on Saturday and I thought she meant a 6K at Sherwood. It wasn't until we reached Portside, the 17k turnaround, that she mentioned that she had run 28k. What stamina!

Craig is running really well and should have a good run in his debut marathon at the Gold coast. He informed us that immediately after our 26K next Sunday, he and his family are heading for Fiji for a week. We tried to convince him that it would not be beneficial to his marathon training and that he should reconsider. He didn't seem to be taking much notice.

We finished our 34 in 2:53, av pace 5:05.


iliketoast said...

Hey Rob, you're well ahead of me .... bring on the coast!

Ewen said...

You're going well Rob - I rate you as a rough chance to knock off Robert Song as well as Toasty.

I hope you didn't slip on those icy paths, or have trouble with the snow drifts. Did Tigger buy those gloves in Canberra?

By the way, isn't she supposed to be practising 6:38 pace? If she starts at 5:05s, most of her passengers will get off at the first stop!

Scott Brown said...

Good to hear you are back on track Eddie. If it continues and you may have a peak of sorts on race day.

We live in hope!

Tesso said...

I knew your form would be back :)

So, is somebody starting a book? I'll put 50 cents each way on all three of you.

Robert Song said...

Glad to hear your training is back on track. You always manage to pull out a good performance on race day no matter what your preparation has been.

Nice to see Ewen is putting the pressure on you to perform but I don't know about all betting.

Rob said...

I ahve been following Robert Song's training progress and there is no way that I am going to even try to stay anywhere near him, except maybe at the start line.

Tigger said...

1.Rob is well on target to do a PB at the coast. On the way back, he took off at the Gardens and Craig and I just watched him go off into the distance.
2.Craig is on target for a good 1st marathon time.
3.The gloves are 1 of 2 pairs that I use to wear when running in Canada at -40c (without the windchill)!!!! These days I need 1 pair of gloves if the temp goes below +25c!
4.Perhaps if I had had them in Canberra I wouldn't have been so cold, though I suspect the wet would have got me anyway.