02 June, 2008

Queensland Half

Yesterday I ran the Queensland Half. What a great morning. I didn't have any particular goal in mind, but always tell myself that anything under 1:40 will be good. I hadn't run since the previous Sunday due to a heavy cold, and was still not feeling too bright but determined to enjoy the run. I did enjoy the run.

While waiting for the gun to go Craig tapped me on the shoulder. He looked keen and confident. I saw him during the run but didn't manae to catch him afterward. So I can't report on how his first Half went.

I was pretty happy with my result, 1:35:07. I felt that I gave it my all but, having said that, it never stops me from wishing that I could have done better. I read Ron Peters' race report on CoolRunning. Ron came first in my category yesterday in 75:34. Ron deserves such results because, as he says, he trains hard and races hard and I know that both are true, the results don't lie. I, on the other hand, train and race and am sort of satisfied with my results.

After collecting a random draw prize, a watch, a memory stick and a free massage, I decided to head home. I thought it highly unlikely that I would have been placed in my category because, besides Ron, I thought there were a number in our category ahead of me. I was wrong. I received a message when I got home to say that I came second. I guess Ron did only beat me by 20 minutes.

Official results: Rob 1:35:10 and Craig 1:48:07 - well done Craig!


Superflake said...

Great to get an age group medal if it is that, and the lucky drawer. Ron is hard to catch even for me being 10 years younger.

Peterhorse said...

nah, the way to word that is "Ron Peters had to do a 75 to beat me"
well done mate!

Ewen said...

95 is well under 1:40 Rob - I'd be over the moon with a time like that.

Just say "I was second to Ron Peters" - don't mention the time - he's a freak. Well done on the prize haul!

Tesso said...

Coming second to Ronnie is sorta like coming first :)