25 February, 2008

7 Weeks Out

What a week it was! I was very tired. I did 12K on both Tuesday and Wednesday. All day Wednesday I was struggling against tiredness at work. On Thursday when I woke to the alarm I didn't feel to brilliant and thought that I couldn't spend another day feeling as I had on Wednesday, so gave the run a miss. I set the alarm a little earlier for Friday morning and did 16K at 5:05 pace.

A heat wave hit us on Saturday. The temperature soared to about 44 degrees C in Ipswich, which is just west of Brisbane. I manaed to achieve a few things outside but had to keep retreating to the Air conditioned indoors. My running buddy, Tegwen, rang me to ask if I had thought of a shaded course for our planned 34k on Sunday. Hmmm! no such thing exists.

Fortunately the temperature dropped considerably late in the afternoon and remained fairly pleasant overnight. So Sunday morning was all go for 34K. Out and back from Park Road to a bit past Brett's Wharf. We managed to average 5:00 K's with no stops at taps on the way back. We just used our water bottles.

18 February, 2008

8 Weeks Out

A total of 80K's for the week. 4 12's during the week and 32 on Sunday. the first three 12's were a bit ordinary but on Friday I managed to get down to 57 minutes. On Tuesday to add some variety to my running I ran my old 12K circuit and on Thursday tried tried another circuit, not previously run, which didn't have as many hills. On Tuesday after my 12K I added 6 x 100m strides.

On Sunday I met Tegwen at Park Road for a 32'er. We dicided that after last week's flat 28 along the river we needed a character building run so opted for the Western Freeway, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Oxley, Indooroopilly, UQ, circuit. The Western Freeway bikepath is quite hilly and from Seventeen Mile Rocks to Oxley is one long continuous hill. I reckon we had enough character to last us a while by the time we got back to Park Road. we finisde the run in 2:42, a bit under 5:05 pace. Next week is 34K and we have already decided that it will be to Brett's Wharf and back. nice and flat.

I am not putting the effort to achieve anything extra special at Canberra this year. I put on entry form that I hoped to run it in 3:25. Anything better than that will be a bonus (I am hoping there will be a bonus tough) ;-)

10 February, 2008

9 Weeks Out

The K's were a bit low this week. I missed a 12K run on Tuesday because it was pelting rain. Yes I know, I'm a sook. So it was 12K on Wednesday in 1:01, 12K Thursday in 1:02 and 12K Friday in 0:59. I just seemed to be getting slower.

I spent a big day in the yard on Saturday and on Saturday night was totally stuffed and to top it off, didn't sleep well. This morning the alarm went off at 4:05 and I just didn't feel up to a long run. However, that's the good thing about running with others, you arrange to meet and you just have to be there. So at 5:00AM I met Tegwen and Cathy at Park Road. The run this morning was 28K. After the tough 34K last Sunday we opted for a flat out and back along the river to Newstead. We finished with 28.3 in 2:18. That is an average pace of 4:53. Cathy had turned back at 13K and Tegwen and I turned up the pace on the way back. I was feeling really good and able to sustain a steady pace all the way. I was very pleased with the morning's effort. The running conditions were idyllic and there were lots of runners and cyclists out today.

It just leaves me wondering why I can run at 4:53 for the long run and yet find it so difficult to get under 5:00 min K's for my 12 K runs during the week. But then, maybe the reason I can run better on the Long Runs is because I don't push myself too hard during the week. At this point I have done no speed nor hill work.

A total of 64K this week. I had better try and get a few more in next week. Only 9 weeks left.

04 February, 2008

10 Weeks Out

Well sure enough, Tegwen made it to Park Road last Monday morning. After arriving home from the UK at 11:00PM the night before she was there ready to go at 5:30AM. We ran 15K. A pretty good effort on her part, wouldn't you say. Definitely crazy! She is planning on doing the 50K in Canberra again this year after being 3rd among the ladies last year.

I ran 12K from home on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On Thursday I had to meet some friends at Southbank for breakfast. Yesterday, Sunday, we ran 34K, some of it in pouring rain. It took us 2:52, a tad over 5:00 min K's. We did a loop from Park Road via UQ to Indooroopilly, Chelmer, Tennyson, Yeronga, Fairfield, Dutton Park, Highgate Hill, West End, William Jolly bridge, and back to Park Road.

That was a total of 85K for the week and I am again pleased to report that my knees have improved even more. Apart from having to have a little lie down on Sunday afternoon I have has no other after effects from the long run.

Don't worry Horrie, lots of people still call me Eddie. I think Eddie will be around for a while yet.