10 February, 2009

A Hill Too Far

Whinge, whinge, whinge! That's what I did after Sunday's long run, and I think I had every right to. Tigger had emailed me through the week to tell me she had come up with a magical mystery tour for our run on Sunday. She warned me that it might be a tad hilly. Talk about understatement. I have never run so many hills in one run. Not even at Glasshouse and that is saying something.

We ran from Park Road to the Royal Brisbane Hospital, along Herston Rd to Kelvin Grove, then on to Bardon, one of the hilliest suburbs in Brisbane. We even ran up Fernberg Road. We ran along Frederick Street and onto the Western Freeway to Indooroopilly. Then Tigger found the hilliest route through St Lucia that she possibly could. I was determined that I was not going to walk but was almost ready to vomit at one stage.

After 26K we made it back to Park Road where I did some whinging. I got over it though and it was, of course, a pretty good workout. It was what Tigger called a "Technical" run. We have progressed from "Character" to Technical".

On Sunday afternoon I spent some time with my 11 year old grandson helping him to prepare for a school cross country race in 9 weeks time. He didn't fare too well last year so we think a little preparation wouldn't go astray this year. However, as I was running with him I noticed that my right calf was very tight. A consequence of a few too many hills maybe???


iliketoast said...

Rest it, some light stretching, don't ignore it! Which is not what I would do.

Scott Brown said...

I agree with Toasty. But I did once try "Listening to my body" and it told me to F...off, so now I just ignore it ;)

Ewen said...

Tigger's hill running binge
May cause Rob to do a toasty
She just wanted him to whinge
Now his calf is kinda roasty

Eagle said...

Keep toughing the tough ones out and 'flat' Canberra will be a breeze.

Tigger said...

Everybody already knows it
Ewen's the poet
Who inspires Eddie the man
The leader with the plan.

Ewen's poetry makes us laugh
Eddie complains about his calf
And then sets pace
Reserved for a marathon race!