15 February, 2009

Short on the K's

I am still not getting the weekly mileage I would like or need. Only 61K this week. On Tuesday I attempted some speed work at the local running track. I ran to the track, about 2.5K, did 5 x 800m  with 400m  walk between. I found that my Forerunner does not make the best stopwatch so I don't have much of an idea of my times. Next time I will take a stopwatch. By the time I arrived home I had covered just over 8K not counting the 400m walks. Wednesday was a slow 12K and Thursday was a less slow 13K. I had planned to run 14K on Friday but woke feeling absolutely tired out and it was pelting rain so gave the  run a miss.

Today I met Tigger at Park Road and since we did the "Technical" run last Sunday, we (I) decided that a nice flat out and back along the river was in order. Park Road to Newstead and back bought us home after 28.6K at an average pace of 5:12 per K.


Scott Brown said...

Yes, not many Ks, but they sound like special Ks ;)

Ewen said...

The K's maybe short
But Tigger's a sport
Enough breath to chat
Because the long run is flat

800 repeats sounds serious Rob. That might give you the speed to pick up Toasty when he blows a calf in the last k up to the school.

Clairie said...

Susan H program has low km weeks after big weeks...so seems to me you are just following the plan!!

Good news - no injuries heh! So don't worry all too much about the lack of mileage at this stage. You have a wealth of banked km to draw on.

Tigger said...

Eddie forgot to mention
That it was his intention
To make Tigger's heart race
By setting a fast pace!
Knowing she had a hard week
Doing multiple hill repeats
There was no breath to chat
Even if the long run was flat!

Robert Song said...

A lot of rhyme and reason in your comments.

It will come together on the Day for you Eddie, as always.

Tigger said...

When Tigger went for her Tues trot
She told the boys her legs were shot
But what did they care
It was Tigger who did despair
At doing speed work
For what it was worth?
When she commented on the pain
She was informed it was needed to gain
An appropriate pace
For a marathon race!
And now she lives in fear
As the next long run draws near
Of Eddie the man
The leader with the plan!