01 February, 2009

Phew! I Made It

After cutting the Sunday run short last week, today I kept going. not that I had any choice since Tigger was running today. This time we kept going through Southbank and onto West End. I was finding it tough going. We headed over the Green Bridge at UQ, through St Lucia where I had to let Tigger run into the distance. I was running out of steam. the humidity was taking a heavy toll on my energy supply. I arrived back at Park Road totally spent having completed 35.7K at an average pace of 5:21 per K. As I neared Park Road Tigger was heading back to meet me to make sure I was OK. Thanks Tigger.

My total K's for the week was 75.7. My best since prior to going overseas.


Scott Brown said...

You may have been "totally spent" but now it's in the bank ready to be withdrawn come April Rob!

Clairie said...

Congrats Rob. I am sure that will be a key training run to recall in times to come.

I thought the weather this weekend was much better than last and it was good to have some overcast skies (despite humidity) to run long in.

Superflake said...

Great run in the heat Rob. 35ks will do you good for Canberra.

Ewen said...

What? Tigger ran away from you? What's up Rob? Were you wearing the wrong deodorant, or is she just a mean running partner?

Great run. Remember to bring down some of that cool Queensland weather with you :)

Luckylegs said...

Cool Queensland weather? Is Ewen kidding? The only cool place would be Thredbo I think. Hopefully not too bad in Canberra come April 19th...see you then Eddie!

Eagle said...

The distance and pace in the conditions was an excellent run. And it was almost half of your total weekly k's. With a small base the long runs are always going to be difficult until the base builds and the weather is more kind.

Tigger said...

Before it's too late
Let's set the record straight
Eddie is the man
The leader with the plan!

With Ewen in his prime
He'll suspect Tigger for the crime
And though Tigger does admit
To a course change, that's it!

Just because the last hill
Nearly made Eddie ill
Tigger did not bolt
So it's not her fault

On a weekend of pain
Surely we made some gain?
A 2.5hr character run
In the blazing Qld sun!

After a little rest
He'll be back to his best
Eddie the man
The leader with the plan?

Ewen said...

Tigger's poetry

Makes me smile, because it's not

All it's cracked up to be

Tigger said...

Now Ewen is in denial
Tigger's poetry DOES make him smile
It's relly not that bad
She's just a little mad

After all, she pounds the street
Destroying her feet
And ignoring the pain
In the hope she'll gain

A bit more speed
And then there will be no need
For her to worry about Eddie's pace
Or the next marathon race

But up until then
She'll have to listen to men
Who tell her to forget the past
And just run fast