23 February, 2009

Getting my Legs Back

Sunday's long run was 31.7K at and average pace of 5:30 per K. Tigger and I headed out from Park Road at 5:00AM and did the loop which included the Western Freeway, Seventeen Mile Rocks and back via another of Tigger's mystery tours (no hills this time, we did have to climb a fence though) through the back of Corinda, Sherwood and Graceville. After running along a cycle path for a while emerged from the mystery part of the run at Graceville Avenue where I was once again in familiar territory. We then headed through Chelmer to Indooroopilly, along Clarence Road, Swan Road and along the River to Park Road. Ultra Tigger then set off on her run home.

I am pleased to say that my legs are improving and I am starting to feel a bit like my old self. I am hoping now to gradually improve the average pace of the training runs. I am not wanting an exceptional time in Canberra, just a good time. A good time for me is in the 3:20's without fading too much in the last 7K's. It takes away from the pleasure of the marathon when you are really dragging yourself to the finish line.

A total of 83K for the week.


Robert Song said...

Glad to hear the legs are getting better. Is the fence climbing a new secret training regime?

Now all you have to do is starting feeling like your young self rather than your old self.

Tigger said...

Eddie the man
The leader with the plan?
Did baulk at the lure
Of another mystery tour.

After assurances there'd be no hill
Guaranteed to make him ill
We continued our run
In the blazing Qld sun!

Now in Tigger's defence
It was either hill or fence
If we did a steeple chase
She could slow Eddie's pace!

As we returned to the start
Eddie could take heart
From another strong run
In the blazing Qld sun.

As Tigger ran home
She was forced to roam
Trying to avoid a hill
That could make her ill!

Scott Brown said...

Yes Rob it is certainly better to "feel yourself" than "drag yourself" home that is for sure ;)

Ewen said...

Imagine feeling like Scott Brown
and they'll say "get out of town!"
"how did Rob run such a time?"
Like Johnny Cash he walked the line.

Eagle said...

Can't run without legs. Can't run well without well trained legs. Keep up the steady preparation for Canberra.