26 May, 2009

34K is still a long way!

After Tiggers' 80K last week and after reading the posts of Coolrunners like Digger and Tuttle about their Comrades run on Sunday I have been feeling like a bit of a wimp only doing marathons. However, my I realised too, after doing my 34K long run on Sunday (on my Pat Malone) and feeling sore yesterday and today because I did try to stretch myself and work a bit harder, that 34K is still a long way.

Tigger, of course, is already contemplating her next BIG run while I worry about how I am going to perform in a titchy marathon at the Gold Coast. I think in my life, I am going to have to run at least one race longer than a marathon (maybe).

18 May, 2009

Yesterday I went with friends to do the 11K Glasshouse Trail run. I have trouble running on trails because I don't train in that type of terrain. I managed to finish in 48 minutes. My run started at 9:00AM. By that time Tigger had already been running for 6 hours. She started at 3:00 AM in the 80K race.

My friends and I, along with Mr. Tigger and the two junior Tiggers, waited for Tigger to finish. She came in at, I think, 9 hrs 45 minutes (Tigger will know) to win a medal for 2nd place female. Congratulations Tigger! She still looked fit and healthy and didn't collapse in a heap. She said it was a very tough run, and I believe her. Somehow, I don't think it will be her last. Though Mr. Tigger thought Tigger a little crazy to run such an event, I could see that he was very proud of her achievement.

10 May, 2009

Kathrine Switzer

The Calf is improving. I took it easy during the week and Tigger and I ran only 20K this morning. I am sure I will be able to increase the mileage this week.

At the Niagara Falls International Marathon last October I spent some time at the marathon Expo. Kathrine Switzer was there promoting her book, Marathon Woman. I have to admit that I didn't know a lot about Kathrine. I was vaguely aware of her 1967 Boston Marathon run-in with officials, but I was not aware of the tremendous amount she has done over the years for running and in particular for women marathon runners.

I saw her book and bought it as a gift for Tigger. Katherine even wrote in it for her. Tigger loved the book and lent it to me to read. I loved every page. Kathrine is a great lady. The running world owes her a great deal. Since reading the book this photo has come to mean so much more.

01 May, 2009

Old Person's Injury

I was went out for a run on Tuesday morning. I was feeling terrific and couldn't believe how well I was running. Then, low and behold, my right calf decided it had had enough and ceased up on me. i slowed my pace but still managed to complete the 14K in 1:09:37.

On Wednesday I went along to the speed session in Limestone Park. Chris had us doing fartleks on the grass running track. I took it easy to start with and as I warmed up (it was a 4 degree morning) I ran faster. Then on the second last "go" my calf called it quits again. I took Thursday and today off running to give my poor old calf a rest. Hopefully it will be good for a nice easy run with Tigger on Sunday. Tigger is insisting on an easy run after her super effort at Mt Mee last Sunday. Well done Tigger.