23 August, 2009

Brisbane Marathon

What a day! Winter is not officially over yet and today during the marathon we had to endure temperatures around the 30C mark. A bit of a shock to the system. However that was only secondary to the problem which slowed me the most. From about the 15K mark I started suffering excruciating pain in my right foot. I feel as though a nerve is being pinched and runs in a line form the tip of my second toe back through the middle of my foot. It is an incredible pain and very hard to manage while running. I eventually finished the run in 3:42 and was extremely relieved.

I thought the course was pretty terrible. Especially the second lap where we had to back track under the Story Bridge. That almost did my head in. The marathon recovery area a the finish was the best I have experienced in my, now, 17 marathons. They had people waiting on us hand an foot, treating us like kings.

Thanks for the encouragement along the way Robert Song. It was really appreciated.

I think the sudden high temperatures really took there toll today. There seemed to be a few causalities. Tigger stopped to render assistance to one young fellow who looked quite dreadful when I passed.

14 August, 2009

Deek & I

Twins! Even Mum can't tell us apart! Rob Richards and Robert De Costella at the Lengends Lunch , Marathon eve, Gold Coast, July 2009. Both are Marathoners. Deek is the Legend but he has never taken as long to run a marathon as I have.

13 August, 2009

Marathon! What Marathon?

I can' believe it is only a week an half to the Brisbane marathon and I have hardly given it a thought. Until I read Robert Song's Blog I was just taking my running of another marathon for granted. I just intend to turn up and run and see what happens on the day. For Robert Song, on the other hand, this has been a goal event for which he has been working very hard and now has to let go due to his health. This has made me appreciate the what a privilege it is to run a marathon and not just take it for granted that I will be able to go out and just do it.

Tigger is training hard for her Glasshouse 100K in September. She is taking me on a newfound tour in the wilds beyond Mt Coot-tha on Sunday. I am wondering if I should carry an EPIRB.

02 August, 2009

A surprise result

After my 1:45 at Ipswich last Sunday I didn't have great expectations for today at Noosa. I love the Noosa half. It is a good couse, good weather and loads of friendly people. I set out a little fast, I thought, but was able to sustain a reasonable pace. I worked prettty hard the whole way. I finished in 1:32:06. I was over the moon. My first lap was done in 46:07 and the second in 45:58, so a negative split as well. I also came 4th in the M55-59 category. So am I pleased with myself? You bet!

Congratulations Tigger on you 50K win with digger on Saturday. You truly have taken to ultra running like a duck to water. A terrific result.

Congratulations Scott on your 2:56 Townsville marathon. Well done mate!