27 May, 2005

Friday 27/5/2005

Yahoo! 73k for the week. It is so long since I was able to do that.

My week consisted of:

Sunday Club run - 25k 1:58:05
Monday - rest day
Tuesday - 12k 1:05:50
Wednesday - 12k 1:03
Thursday - 12k 1:02:59
Friday - 12k 1:00:43

Saturday will be a rest day and then on Sunday I have committed myself to running with RITH and Spot. This is really going to stretch me. Rith ran Cnaberra in 3:08 and Spot ran Brisbane in 2:54. Oh well, the worst that can happen is that I get left behind in Brisbane Forest.

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Horrie said...

Nice to see you building up the mileage Eddie and staying in one piece. Enjoy your run on Sunday and make sure you tell Spot and RITH to take it easy on you. We want to make sure you stay in one piece.