07 May, 2005

Saturday 7/5/2005

After a great time at the Brisbane Coolrunning drinks night I awoke bleary eyed but never-the -less determined to try something new. I went off to Sherwood to do a run with the Sherwood Forest Runners. This is an informal group that started 21 years ago and they have not missed one Saturday morning. You have a choice of 2, 4, 6 or 8 k's. I opted for the 6 and did it in 24:13 which I was very happy with. I reckon I might become a regular at Sherwood as it seems a good alternative to speed training.


Horrie said...

Great to see that you have found a new way of sharpening up Eddie. Doing a regular 6km race is not as tough on your body as 2 speed sessions a week. BTW that is a fantastic time. Well done!

Robert Song said...

Who needs speed training with a quick time like that!!

Clairie said...

Sounds like great fun Eddie. can you give me more information? I think for the next few weeks I won't be doing much of a long run so an 8km and steady pace sounds like fun.

Is it hilly?