29 May, 2005

Sunday 29/5/2005

Thanks Spot, for an very tough run and for being patient enough to hang back with me. It's a shame Rith couldn't make it. He would have loved it.

We covered 32.4k's today in 3:12:04. The course was very hilly, specially the State Forest section. One 1k section there took 9:49min and we ascended from 70m to 178m. I had to walk most of it.

Mrs. Spot served up a magnificent breakfast. Boy! did that go down well.

I have tired sore legs now - but it's a good tired and sore. Most runners would know what I mean by that. When I think that a couple of weeks ago I found running very difficult, I am very pleased with today's effort.


Clairie said...

Wow Eddie, 32.4km of hills!!! You are amazing.

No wonder you have tired, sore legs now. Hope today is a rest day for you.

Tomorrow Pat is holding his Time Trial for the month. Maybe it was good that RITH was sick...now he won't have any excuse for a good performance.

We missed you at BRRC on Sunday. I was cheering loud but no one smiles as big as you!! :)

Horrie said...

Good to see you enjoying your running again Eddie. The enthusiasm is coming through in your words. Hope you continue to run well and keep those injuries at bay.