31 May, 2005

Tuesday 31/5/2005

My legs talked me into another rest day today. Though I reckon they could have managed an easy 12k today they put up a convincing agrument that the extra rest would do them good and they have promised to put in a big effort tomorrow.

29 May, 2005

Sunday 29/5/2005

Thanks Spot, for an very tough run and for being patient enough to hang back with me. It's a shame Rith couldn't make it. He would have loved it.

We covered 32.4k's today in 3:12:04. The course was very hilly, specially the State Forest section. One 1k section there took 9:49min and we ascended from 70m to 178m. I had to walk most of it.

Mrs. Spot served up a magnificent breakfast. Boy! did that go down well.

I have tired sore legs now - but it's a good tired and sore. Most runners would know what I mean by that. When I think that a couple of weeks ago I found running very difficult, I am very pleased with today's effort.

27 May, 2005

Friday 27/5/2005

Yahoo! 73k for the week. It is so long since I was able to do that.

My week consisted of:

Sunday Club run - 25k 1:58:05
Monday - rest day
Tuesday - 12k 1:05:50
Wednesday - 12k 1:03
Thursday - 12k 1:02:59
Friday - 12k 1:00:43

Saturday will be a rest day and then on Sunday I have committed myself to running with RITH and Spot. This is really going to stretch me. Rith ran Cnaberra in 3:08 and Spot ran Brisbane in 2:54. Oh well, the worst that can happen is that I get left behind in Brisbane Forest.

26 May, 2005

Thursday 26/5/2005

Yesterday I did the 12k in 1:03. Today I blitzed it. Today I did the 12 in 1:02:59. Well that's got to be better than 1:03:01 don't you reckon.

25 May, 2005

Wednesday 25/5/2005

12k in 1:03. I am hoping to do the same on Thursday and Friday. this will give me a total of 73k for the week. It is a long time since I achieved that. So let's see how I go.

24 May, 2005

Tuesday 24/5/2005

12k today in 1:05:50. A pleasant recovery run after the 25k on Sunday.

22 May, 2005

Sunday 22/5/2005

25k in 1:58:05 today at West End with the Brisbane Road Runners. That's the time I did for the first 25 k of Canberra. There was no way I could have kept going for another 17k today. It was good to gete a cheer from Hannah and Runner Bee.

20 May, 2005

Friday 20/5/2005

Another 12k today. This time in 1:02. I am pleased with the way I am progressing. When I filled out my Gold Ccoast entry form yesterday I just couldn't resist ticking the Marathon box. I haven't got great expectations but I reckon I can do it.

19 May, 2005

Thursday 19/5/2005

What a beautiful morning. I went for a 12k run and even took time to appreciate the stars. It was a good run. I took it easy and felt as if I was beginning to find what I lost through speed training........my own personal running style. The style which could keep me out on those long runs forever and which, I recall, RITH once described as "economical".

17 May, 2005

Tuesday 17/5/2005

I did the same circuit today that I did on Friday. It's a bit under 8K and thiss morning I did it in 42:16. 3 minutes better than Friday.

15 May, 2005

Sunday 15/5/2005

I ran from Park Road this morning with friends. We covered almost 21k in 1:56. A fairly slow run but reasonably long. That is furtherest and longest I have been since Canberra. As I write this it is 7 hours since this morning's run and I don't have anywhere near the soreness I have been experiencing of late even after a short run.

14 May, 2005

Saturday 14/5/2005

This is great! I went along to Sherwood again today and ran the 6k. Of course there are those who will say it is a 'short' 6k, but it doesn't really matter when you are just comparing the same course from one run to the next. Today I ran the '6k' in 23:57, an improvement of 16 seconds on last week. Am I happy with that?........ You bet!

I met Coolrunner MaxMTC this morning, so that was a bonus.

13 May, 2005

Friday 13/5/2005

i had a very pleasent 45min run this morning. I think it was about 8K....it doesn't really matter....I enjoyed it.

11 May, 2005

Wednesday 11/5/2005

I hit the road yesterday for 6k and it took me 32 mins to get back home. The way I am going I will probably have to give the Gold Coast marathon a miss and maybe just do the half.

08 May, 2005

Sunday 8/5/2005

I did 15k in 1:14:27 at West End with the Brisbane road runners today. A bit slow after mine fine run yesterday.

07 May, 2005

Saturday 7/5/2005

After a great time at the Brisbane Coolrunning drinks night I awoke bleary eyed but never-the -less determined to try something new. I went off to Sherwood to do a run with the Sherwood Forest Runners. This is an informal group that started 21 years ago and they have not missed one Saturday morning. You have a choice of 2, 4, 6 or 8 k's. I opted for the 6 and did it in 24:13 which I was very happy with. I reckon I might become a regular at Sherwood as it seems a good alternative to speed training.

05 May, 2005

Thursday 5/5/2005

Another rest today. I ran 12k yesterday in 1:07 and enjoyed the run. Today I am going to enjoy the luxury of having my legs massaged for an hour. Mmmm! that should bo good.

02 May, 2005

Monday 2/5/2005

I had a good run today. 14.7 k in 1:24. A bit slow but I am happy to have had the 'time on legs'.

01 May, 2005

Sunday 1/5/2005

We had an good turn out for the Brisbane Road Runners 14k and 7 k runs today. As the director today I wasn't able to run, but it is good to be there wathcing everyone taking part. I really appreciate the effort of the rostered club members. They do an excellent job in setting up, manning the water tables, marshalling, looking after entries and results, manning the finish line, and packing up afterwards. Without their effort we would not be able to stage the Club runs.

I am really looking forward to running tomorrow, the Labour Day public holiday.