28 July, 2005

Thursday 28/7/2005

My goodness! I have been so slack lately. I did a long run on Sunday, about 20k and a short run on Wednesday, about 5k. Dear Oh Dear!.

Ive been leving for work at 6:30am lately so that I can keep up with the workload at the moment. Busy busy.

i am looking forward to the Park2Park Half on Sunday in Ipswich. I think it will be great fun, especially with Tesso and Clairie at the Start/Finish line and the course being 4 laps.

23 July, 2005

Saturday 23/7/2005

I decided to head to Beerburrum and put in a late entry for the 8k. It was a very enjoyable run. A little muddy after some recent showers but not too bad. I got a whimp award for tip-toeing around the mud holes. It's a great event. Every finisher gets pottery mug. Over a period of time you can build up sets as each of the Glasshouse mountains are depicted on the mugs. You have a set when you have one of each of the mountains. Run67 and Karisma have 3 sets. I keep forgetting which mountins I have so I have doubled up on some and have none of others. i came home with one of Mt Beerburrum this morning only to find I already have one. I'll have to make a list.

The race entry also included a hamburger, cream cake with strawberries and coffee, provided the school fete next door to the race start/finish area. Ian Javes always organises a great event.

20 July, 2005

Wednesday 20/7/2005

I finally got myself into gear. Last night I thought I would skip the morning run and go out in my lunch break and set my alarm clock accordingly ie 5:40AM instead of 4:40AM. However I woke at 4:40 anyway and decided to make the effoort and just get out there on the road. I went for a nice easy run...12k in 1:05.

When I arrived home the rest of the household were up and about. Most unusual I thought. Why? . Hmmm! I forgot to turn off the alarm for the 5:40 rise.

19 July, 2005

Tuesday 19/7/2005

After doing so litttle for 2 weeks I met the gang at Park Road on Sunday a 5:30AM and ended up running 25k. I was so glad to get back to Park Road and have a coffee and giant Donut.

I should have run this morning but once again my bed wouldn't let go of me.

16 July, 2005

Saturday 16/7/2005

Bula! Back from Fiji. What a great time we had. I now have a Daughter-in-law, Kym. Kym and Anthony's wedding went perfectly. Kym, who's father is Chinese and mother is English, was absolutely stunning. The Chapel on the edge of the lagoon at the Fijian Resort on Yanuca Island was a beautiful setting.

I had only one run in Fiji. Too lazy to do any more. That is all I have done since the GCM. However, today I entered the Park to Park Half Marathon to be run on 31/7/2005. I specially want to do this run because it is in my home town and it is the first. I don't expect my time to be too crash hot but being part of it will be great.

07 July, 2005

Thursday 7/7/2005

I am off to Fiji tomorrow. Will be back next Wednesday. Catch you then.

03 July, 2005

Sunday 3/7/2005

It was great to meet and catch up with so many CR's today. What a difference it makes to an event have so much support from so many people.

Sadly, it was a tough day at the office for me. A combination of poor preparation and a crumby race strategy (my own..no one else to blame)saw me go through the half in 1:34, through 25 in 1:56 (my best 25) and die at 29. I suffered cramps and spasms for the remainder of the race and had to walk and run. I had to be helped from the finish line because I couldn't make my legs work anymore. The long finish shute was torture as I willed myself to finish with a run at 3:31:16.

Congratulations to all those (almost everyone I spoke to) who achieved a PB today. The conditions were almost perfect, spoilt only by a head wind (a nice cool one)on the south from the last turn-around.